A Mini Adventure!

Spring Summer ’22 sees the return of the mini skirt; and it’s mini-er than ever! The 90’s-esque low slung waist also sees a comeback as we have seen in Miu Miu’s SS22 collection giving us definite Britney and Christina vibes. It would seem that pairing with a cropped top is also ‘in’ so better work on those abs!

Miu Miu SS22

The mini skirt became popularised in the swinging sixties: a time when women were discovering a new sense of freedom and fewer social constraints. Fashion Designer Mary Quant is often credited as inventing the mini, though it seems it was a gradual process seen in earlier examples such as Balenciaga’s 1958 ‘sack dress’ and was heavily influenced by the ‘Rock ’n’ Roll’ culture at the time. 

Balenciaga’s sack dress 1958
Twiggy in one of Mary Quant’s most iconic looks 1966

Mary Quant was pivotel in developing the feminine features of the mini, which helped younger women feel more independent and they were dressing less like their mothers. Before long, the mini had become iconic and given women a new sense of power to express themselves. The miniskirt was a statement to society for women; that they could no longer be controlled and were allowed to embrace their sexuality.

(Oh, and we can also thank Quant for championing pockets!! #itsgotpockets!)

Mary Quant was recognised for her commitment to fashion and awarded an OBE in 1966.

Mary Quant in the 60’s

The sixties mini was the most self indulgent, optimistic ‘look at me, isn’t life wonderful’ fashion ever devised. It expressed the sixties, the emancipation of women, the Pill and rock ‘n’ roll. … It was the beginning of women’s lib.” Mary Quant, 2012

Long Live the Mini Skirt!