All things food and fashion: an interview with Chloe Phasey

Here’s all the vegan inspo you need

Chloe Phasey, aka @chloesveganfood on Instagram, is a vegan influencer with over 9k followers and a feed that always makes us hungry.

Chloe went vegan in May 2017, so she has close to 4 years of vegan experience behind her! We had a chat to find out about her vegan lifestyle, her best tips for secondhand shopping and what her favourite vegan meals are (bonus: they’re all simple and affordable!)

When asked what her favourite thing about being vegan is, Chloe gave variety the top spot: “I’d probably say the variety, which sounds weird because you’re cutting food out, but before I went vegan I literally only ate cheesy pasta, so it kind of forced me to try new foods and ingredients and I learned to cook because I started trying different things.”

Chloe also shared that the vegan community is extremely warm and said that “everyone is so nice and supportive and it’s so easy to think of different meals on Instagram.”

Getting into the good stuff, we asked for Chloe’s favourite vegan snacks, and she didn’t disappoint. For savoury, Original or BBQ Pringles are the influencer’s go-to, and when it comes to sweet stuff, she loves NOMO vegan chocolate (which you can get in Sainsburys and other supermarkets) and says the caramel one tastes like Dairy Milk!

Next, we wanted to know the vegan foodie’s favourite restaurant- everyone could do with a break from Pizza Express from time to time. Chloe said the best vegan restaurant she’s been to is Glass Onion, a vegetarian/vegan cafe in Liverpool. “They do breakfast food, hot drinks and homemade cake and it’s just really chilled in there, like the music is dead chilled and the staff are really nice as well.”

When it comes to cooking herself, Chloe’s top 3 meals are all super homely (perfect for anyone transitioning from non-vegan to vegan!); vegan Chilli con carne, sausage pasta bake and vegetable rice stir fry. The easy-to-follow recipe cards are included below- who can say no to a classic?

Chloe’s Insta isn’t all food food food though (although we would never complain)- she also has “Secondhand Sundays”, where she shows off her secondhand fashion finds at the end of each week! When asked for her best secondhand shopping tips, Chloe said “take your time- I literally scroll through Vinted, Depop and eBay, so shop around. Also, use the filters for sizes and preferences.”

She also shared a recently-discovered hack: “on eBay sometimes people spell designer names slightly wrong so then not many people will be on the auction. So you can find things for a cheaper price that way as well.”

Chloe’s 5 favourite secondhand picks (all under £10 each):

What have we learnt from Chloe? That vegan is tasty, stylish and affordable! Are you inspired? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Sophie Corderoy