Alternative nights out this february

As we close the doors on dry january, and say goodbye to those blues or those happy tears; I’m here to tell you the best things you can do this coming February. So stay tuned, and heres my top three things you need to do this month.

Keeping it classic; Bowling.

Okay, so you may think this sounds boring, but trust me it isn’t always. Take a trip to your local bowling alley with you and your besets pals. Wether you make it competitive or keep it calm, it for sure will be a good night.

Chic Cinema.

Anything you wanna see? Coming up or soon? Select a late night screening, and party on. If you’re local to us, maybe take a trip to the Cinema De Luxe, and relax whilst watching a film you really want to see, it will be a great night, I promise.

Night In, Dinner In.

So, I know its not *quite* a night out, but, it’s always a good night. If you keep yourself with good company, it’s always a good one. Make it cheat day, and order yourself that big pizza you’ve been craving and have a gossip with your pals.

Heading Out For Dinner.

Any restaurant’s you’ve been fancying? New one’s, old one’s, take yourself on a trip for a lovely meal. Wether you’re taking yourself, or you’re going with a couple friends, enjoy yourself.

Classic Bar.

You can always take it back to basics, and head out to your favourite bar, or pub and have a laugh with pals. Get dressed up, put your favourite outfit on and make sure you’re feeling confident, and just have a brilliant night.

Hopefully my top five tips for your next night out after dry January will keep you occupied, and enjoy yourself!

Written by Yas Feasey