An interview with Megan Fenwick: what is it like to be an influencer.

Megan Gillie Fenwick is a 20 year old student nurse and social media influencer based in Liverpool. With over 192.8k followers on TikTok and 15.8k on Instagram, it is clear that Megan has successfully paved her way and made a mark in the influencing industry at a very young age.

We were able to speak with Megan to find out what it is like to become an influencer and what advice she would give to anyone wanting to join social media!

What made you decide to become an influencer?

“It was never really planned, I decided to do it on the side of my nursing degree.”

What would you say your target audience is?

“Girls who are my age with a similar style to me.”

What message do you like to project to your audience?

“Don’t ever worry about what people will think of you. Life is too short!”

What type of posts do you think get the most engagement?

“Makeup tutorials! I get asked to do them a lot more than other videos.”

What times of the day do you tend to post?

“Whenever I can really, it’s much easier after I’ve finished uni for the day as engagement tends to be the best.”

Do you have any partnerships with brands? If so, how do you like to work with brands?

“Because it’s just a side thing for me, I do a lot of collaborations rather than setting rates. This is because I’m grateful for being sent the items and I enjoy the content. It’s not a job for me, it’s a hobby.”

Which brands have been your favourite to work with?

“I loved working with Jaded Ldn and Edikted as I love their stuff, it’s really unique.”

With the collaborations you do, how do you choose which brands you want to collaborate with? What makes you say no to brands?

“I say no to any brands that I wouldn’t use on a personal basis. For example, if I don’t use a product or don’t want to try a product for any reason, I won’t accept the collaboration. I don’t want to influence items that I wouldn’t use myself.”

How much do you charge per post for collaborations?

“I don’t charge anymore since leaving my management, as it is only a hobby.”

Which platform do you think is better to promote brands and your image?

“I prefer Tiktok than other socials as I feel like I can show my personality more on there and it’s easier to express myself. It’s also easier doing collaborations on their as you tend to reach your target audience.”

What advice would you give for someone who is hoping to become an influencer?

“If you want to be an influencer, be an influencer. Don’t let other opinions determine what you do with your life. People will always have something to say about you regardless, so you may as well be doing something you enjoy whilst they are!”

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By Katie Harley Waters