Anything goes.

Immi Sturgeon

Anything goes by Emma Chamberlin.

Anything goes is a podcast hosted by former youtuber and now the young face of Louis Vuitton’s ambassadors, Emma Chamberlin.

Emma Chamberlin is a 20 year old youtuber, Instagramer and successful coffee and merchandise company owner. Her humble and down to earth personality and chill, comforting content makes her so appealing to her audience. Though it’s clear Emma has done very well for herself she also never fails to come across just like me and you. Emma’s ‘brand’ is a no filter, average, 20-year-old girl and therefore anything goes has been the success it is.

Emma’s podcast is titled perfectly, she covers life topics such as friendship, fashion, over and underrated trends, existential crisis’, mental health, alone but not lonely and 14, and counting, advice sessions.  Emma shares her opinions and advice on a broad platter of subjects in such a relatable, me too, attitude.  When you listen to her speak to you for the hour-long duration of the podcast it’s like having a deep convocation with one of your close friends, and when the podcasts end you don’t feel alone with these thoughts you felt so outcasted with before listening.

An episode of Anything goes is released every week, like a weekly catch up and check in. Emma’s podcast and way of speaking is very calming and comforting to have on. The perfect productive Sunday morning background noise. Everything about the podcast is so organic, she records it on her mac, in her bedroom.

If you find yourself wanting to listen to a comforting chat without even needing to speak back, you can find anything goes on Spotify.