Are we just too sensitive?


Do we all need to take a chill pill right about now?

Your immediate answer I’m sure is a no, of course we’re not too sensitive. But let me set to you an idea; a designer with a dream, an idea, of a time capturing homage to ancient egyptian royal culture. All for it? Well, what if i told you this reminiscence comes from a cornrow wig at fashion week after Japanese brand Comme Des Garcon walk the runway trying to do exactly that. Has your mind changed?

Now, let me explain the whole vibe to you from this show. It came after designer Rei Kawakubo had the whole Ancient Egyptian vision going on. He designed a wig which homed in on the thematic history vibe he was feeling. It really was a sight of art, I mean, I loved it. Although as the army that is social media took hold of it, it’s been changed into a whole new thing.

But the question remains: Are we actually too sensitive? It seems like mostly anything these days you can change into something completely different. And it seems that absolutely anything said or done, is twisted and changed. Putting it this way, Beyonce has even been accused of making herself look “too white” whilst changing up her look to a blonde dye job. Even though on the same page, when Kim Kardshian got braids, that was not okay either. It seems to me now, that its hard to purely express yourself for who you are, and what you fancy doing, without getting some blame for the action. 

Although, the setting remains that maybe we’re not too sensitive. That in fact, nobody can seem to get it right. Maybe you, like many, think that the world is too much of an offensive place, and maybe we need to all just take a chill pill on what we say. 

With the nickname still surrounding ou generation of the “snowflakes” (although you must admit, it’s not the worst is it), is it time we grow out of it? Maybe hold our mouths shut and keep thoughts to ourselves, or maybe opinions. Keeping quiet or even stopping the reactions could be the best way forward, in order for a happier and healthier life. Let’s not get too stressed out, there’s more important things to stress about.

Written by Yas Feasey

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