Happy National Art Day! Today we celebrate the national art day, we live in a world full of such big opportunities for creativity, experimentation and skills. To help keep up the creativity we have gathered a few of the best art accounts to follow on Instagram.

Callen Schaub, a pretty popular figure specialising in paintings. His paintings include of throwing a variety of colours in a bucket above a large canvas, then letting the bucket flow out onto the canvas. This type of painting creates a effective abstract, flowing touch to it. His work consists pf a variety of colour and large canvases, the spare paint on the floor is used as separate art pieces, no wasting!

Vincent Bal, a talented shadowologist and film maker from Belgium. His type of art account works with shadows, using simple props such as fruit, plants, matches etc. He places the chosen object, creating a shadow then drawing around the shadow to create a drawing usually a human figure. This is super fun and creative, using a variety of household items to create some art only using a shadow. This is a must follow on Instagram!

Leo Mahalo, a popular Tik Tok star, talented artist. Leo creates small canvas paintings using bold shapes, lines and colours. He also got very popular on Instagram for his shoe paintings, creating a variety of coloured small detailed paintings on Nike air forces, Doc Martens and converse. He creates unique designs, custom made for sale. This is a perfect opportunity to snatch some unique sneakers with a cool painted design on them.

Womenofillustration, another amazing art account to follow on your insta! Filled with body positivity, women empowerment, and of course the love for illustration all in one. This art account has all the right mixtures, bright, bold, colourful and empowering creativity. This page focus mainly on one type of art but it is very well organised, created and shows off the best work. Definitely recommend to follow this Instagram for daily posts.