Best Instagram Pages for Home Decor Inspiration

Decorating a room can be hard, especially if it’s your first time being able to decorate a room how you like. Choosing just one style to go with can be hard but here’s some Instagram pages who could really help you find your favourite.


Room Palace provides inspiration for clean and boujee looking rooms. Usually showing quite muted tones so nothing is too in your face and just a cosy kind of feeling to it without being too cluttered.


Inspiring more of a monochrome style with a pop of colour, nest-twenty-eight provides inspiration for more than just bedrooms spanning across to kitchens and bathrooms too but keeping to the same sort of style.


Directed more towards students or young adults who work from home. Fragile myths is an account which provides inspiration through one girl’s desk which is her study space. Showing small variations in how she changes it to be a better system for herself but that could help other people.


Keeping up with it’s Urban and youthful bran image, the instagram page for Urban Outfitters Home range provides examples of how they’d style their own products. Usually showing a botanical or modern rustic style in their choice of decoration.


Another account aimed toward students who are looking for inspiration for their homes away from home. Though their choice of decor could be used by anyone and adjusted to fit bigger rooms. It shows huge ranges of different choices of decor that could fit and suit anyone that is searching for inspiration of any variety.