Best wildlife moments

Happy National Wildlife Day!

To help you celebrate, we picked out a few of the best wildlife and nature moments, full of exotic animals, beautiful interactions of people and the animals, and some clever facts about these creatures!

To find the cutest, funniest, and creative photos of the wildlife, we picked our favourite instagram account to follow. @Ourplanetdaily, fills their feed with mostly animal photographs, close ups, long distance shots, and a massive range of species, ranging from polar bears to honey badgers to the lions and so on and on! We have selected a few of the best shots to help celebrate our wildlife day today.

Cheetah Moments

Photo by @paultje_nl.

Adorable cheetah photograph, Fully grown cheetahs are capable of an up to 75 MPH top speed when hunting, this is very fast and fascinating, as to how fast one animal can be.

Polar bears Experience

Photo by © Nikolai Manchulyak via © Snopes.

Taken in Russia, this photo is from the late 1970s and is not photoshopped in any way. The bear and its cubs approached the Russian explorer due to the smell of food in his pack. Needless to say Nikolai had no other choice in this scenario but to feed him. What an amazing experience to have with a polar bear right?

Seal and whale bonding

Photo by @Vizerskaya

Warm hugs in cold water. This stunning shot captures the moment a seal takes a free ride from a beluga whale. A wonderful bonding and caring moment between two amazing creatures. Both the seal and whale, interacting with each other showing that animals do get along in the wildlife.

Rare giraffes

Photo by  @waowafrica

This is a real beautiful white giraffe next to a “normal” coloured giraffe. This shot is unique and shows the beauty in our wild animals, contrasting against the brown giraffe it shows the amazing and very rare Albino white giraffe. Albinism, a congenital condition, inhibits the body from producing pigment in all organs, and animals with this condition often have pink eyes.

To add variety, picked out some of the cutest animal moments caught on video. In these videos there is a real mix of some of the best and funniest animal moments to be seen, as well as a range of different animals in the spotlight.