Camera60 is the upcycling bag brand you didn’t know you needed ’til now

We’ve spoken to Camera60’s Chiara Rivituso to find out all the juicy details behind the innovative new brand

Camera60, if you didn’t know already, create stylish bags from upcycled materials such as Nike shoe boxes, IKEA bags and cereal boxes. Their pieces are so original and are proving really popular on the streetwear scene and with big names like Vogue- and for good reason! We’ve spoken to the brand’s product developer and pattern specialist, Chiara Rivituso, to find out more.

What inspired you to start your business? Were there any specific trends or role models that had a significant influence?

We wanted to reuse plastic stuff in a creative way and also bring the craftsmanship of leather goods into everyday objects. It was all about experimentation- our design addiction pushed us to start. Then we realised we could transform everything you would normally waste into new objects and give a second life to products. There are no specific role models- it’s more like a mood. We do something that reflects our lifestyle and creating connections between everyday objects and leather goods is something we do very instinctively.

Starting your own business must’ve been nerve wracking, what encouraged you to go ahead with it? 

Of course it was hard, especially at the beginning. Everything is new and you have to manage a lot of situations and people when you work on your own. And you need to be on top all the time- that’s very stressful. But at the end, if you love what you do… that is your force and your weakness at the same time.

Sustainability is respect for other people, for the environment and for ourselves too.

What will be the next big step for your brand? Do you have any specific goals or burning aspirations? 

We’re thinking about it. Lots of new stuff in the making and new projects to come. Stay tuned!

What does the process of making the bags and obtaining the materials look like? 

The process can be very different from one item to another. Sometimes we make a digital render or a collage to visualise the idea. Other times we need to check the materials and make some testers with different reinforcements. Or we stitch other materials to fix the shape and the details. We need to be very flexible with the process because we use unusual stuff.

Camera60 has already been noticed by huge names like Vogue, are there any other big fashion names that you hope to win over? 

We have been noticed by the biggest magazines in the world which is absolutely amazing. We hope Italy – which is our country – will notice us in the future!

With brands like Camera60, focused on upcycling, becoming more and more popular, do you think the industry as a whole is starting to shift towards a more planet-friendly approach to fashion? 

People are becoming more and more sensitive about upcycling and the importance of acting for a better future. It’s time to create a big community that shares these values and to encourage other brands to embrace this vision.

Love what you do.

For you personally, what does sustainability mean?

In our opinion, sustainability is respect for other people, for the environment and for ourselves too.

In terms of starting your own business, do you have any words of wisdom for young graduates who are thinking of doing the same? What’s a key thing to remember when things start to get hard? 

Our only suggestion is: work hard. Work, make mistakes, learn, improve, work. And love what you do.

Finally, what’s your favourite thing about running a business that goes against the grain and represents something different?

Having lots of people following us and sharing our vision. That’s great!

Check out their Instagram @camera60studio

Written by Sophie Corderoy