Colour me Happy: Pantone 2022

Pantone has revealed the colour of the year 2022 as Very Peri. This is the first time in the history of ‘Colour of the year” that Pantone have created a new colour, which they say reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. The colour is described by Pantone as

“a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red blends the faithfulness

and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red”

Pantone claims that this colour reflects what is taking place in our global culture, but the colour is a hopeful one and one which encourages creativity and imaginative expressions. Each colour of the year is chosen through a careful process involving trend analysis and is influenced by entertainment, film, art, travel, fashion and our surroundings on the whole.

So what is Pantone anyway?

Pantone (meaning all colours) was created in 1963 as a standardised colour matching system so that designers knew colours used were consistent across the board, regardless of where in the world they, or their clients, were located.

The Pantone Matching System is comprised of 1,867 colors that are created by combining 13 base pigments. Each colour is given a three or four-digit identification number followed by the letters U, C, or M. These letters represent the different type of paper for printing.

Pantone is now used universally and recognised as the world’s authority on colour.

Some brands choose to have their own custom colours and hire Pantone for the job. Even Jay-Z has his own Pantone color: a shade of blue with a top-secret name.

Some famous Pantones you may recognise

If you don’t have your own Pantone colour, who even are you?!