Content and Creativity – An interview with Chloe Walker

When asked to interview an influencer I knew immediately I wanted it to be someone who stood out from the crowd in what they do. I wanted someone who was genuine, inspired others, gave positive vibes and felt authentic.

Determined to find the right person I began to look more into the media that I personally choose to consume, and came across Chloe Walker, somebody I had followed on TikTok for a while. Her account states that she gives mid size fashion inspo, and after looking deeper into her account and the way she interacted with her followers, I knew I had to give her a message.

Chloe got back to me immediately with so much enthusiasm and I felt such a relief knowing that my interview wasn’t a hassle for her.

So here it is below, an interview with Chloe Walker, brand ambassador for SavagexFenty and Simply Be, on all things creativity and social media influencing.

  • What has your journey been as an influencer, and how has your page grown with you?

So to begin with I actually started taking outfit pictures when I went to festivals and it stemmed from that about three or four years ago. So I was purely based on festival fashion. I took a year out of uni where I studied fashion design and during this time is when I grew. Then when I returned back to uni I got a collaboration with boohoo as part of their queens on campus student ambassadors campaign. I was part of it for nine months and then I would say the rest is history. I’ve grown, my contents got better and I’ve had quite a few amazing collaborations.

  • When it comes to creativity and content what inspires you most?

For me it’s seeing all the content creators as I feel like we all inspire each other, where we go to different outfit places and shop differently it can come from there. But I am a fashion design student so I do have a lot of creativity myself. I tend to think outside the box and when I get an idea I will go out and do it or go to places I have been before and revisit. I like to be a bit different while also taking inspo from other girls.

  • Working in the influencer world that is continuously growing, how would you say you stay authentic and individual?

You just have to be you. Because I’ve grown on TikTok quite rapidly I find that being myself has got me further as people like authenticity, they like to see personality and obviously just make it fun and enjoy yourself. In doing that I’ve found that I’ve grown quicker than ever before.

  • What would you say the most important thing is when putting an outfit together?

The most important thing for me when putting an outfit together is that it represents me and also that it matches. I’m very into colour coordination and floral patterns, I’m not a massive colour clasher. For me a good outfit is one that you feel confident in and that it expresses who your are. Also I’m a sucker for different shades of one colour!

  • Who is your dream brand to work/ collaborate with?

I have collaborated with a couple of my dream brands however my absolute goal would be pretty little thing, Shein and Asos! 

Thank you Chloe for taking the time to talk about the influencing world and all your creativity!

Chloe’s TikTok handle is @midsizefashionwithchlo and her Instagram is @chlowalkeer_ give her follow to see all of her gorgeous outfits.