Cosmetic Surgery – When does it stop?

Cosmetic surgery has been around for so long now it has officially become a norm to today’s society. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery and overtime the outlook on it has become more positive. There is however a point where it can be done dangerously either by the wrong person or over done to an extent where your body cannot handle it. 

Beauty clinics are much like any other private medical clinic, always clean and brightly lit. Always make sure there is certificates and they are legit because medical procedures like this are serious and if done by someone who is not legit then it can go seriously wrong and end up being botched. 

These days, you can’t move for flawless manicures, fleeky eyebrows and skin like almond icing. Over time and especially in the past few years, Instagram, reality TV, older media stars and self-promoting celebrities have combined to offer up a new aesthetic. For the young, may I present the ‘Love Island’ look, or “rich girl face”. Full lips, wide eyes, straight nose, smooth skin, sleek lines. Because to be Instagram pretty – phone arm up, lighting behind you, always photo-ready! – is to be absolutely perfect. A flawless cartoon, a Disney princess.

Botox and fillers are often confused. After all, they’re both injections. But there’s a big difference. Botox takes about two minutes and doesn’t really hurt. It’s a type of protein, a toxin that temporarily relaxes muscles. So, if you have wrinkles around your eye, or on your forehead, you get Botox. It relaxes the muscles there, so they stop working as well. (It can also be used to stop excess sweating and, sometimes, migraines.) The effects last around three months.


After speaking to Danielle rose, who is a professional in Botox, lip filler and many other aesthetics. After this we found some answers… 

How much would a regular user of lip fillers spend in a year?

Danielle says that it would roughly be around £600. This means that over 5 years 3k would be spent on this procedure. If you are financially stable for this then it would not be an issue but for those students who dream of wanting this are unfortunately going to have to wait. Would you agree or disagree that this is a waste of money? how much would you pay for your dream look? Morally some people believe that you are born how you are and changing it should be frowned upon but if we feel self-conscious about an issue and want to love ourselves then why can’t we? 

What is the youngest and oldest client you have had?

Danielle says that the youngest client she has had is 18, this means that girls from a youngest age such as 16 and 17 have been waiting until they are of legal age to have this procedure. Does this mean that cosmetic surgery is something all girls want? Why do girls at such a young age want to change their appearance? The oldest client Danielle says she has had was 65. Obviously the older our body ages we have more wrinkles and marks we may not want. Why does the age matter? Is age an excuse to get this treatment? If a 65-year-old woman can receive this treatment, then why can’t an 18-year-old? We will never 100 percent know what is morally correct in this society, but we can accept everyone’s opinions. 

What are the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery?

Danielle says that the pros are looking better, and the pros are looking worse depending on the outcome of the procedure. There are definitely pros and cons of any cosmetic procedure for example if these surgeries go wrong or are not done properly then it can be dangerous. Infections can easily be caught also because if they are not healed the body can be weak. A question to ask yourself is if you got offered a free cosmetic procedure which one would you get and why? And then in reality if you had the money would you get anymore? So maybe it is not as bad as some of society says so.