COVID-19 friendly summer activities

With the country in lockdown, it’s looking that summer might be restricted to indoor or garden activities. Here’s some ideas that might help pass the time and still make it feel like summer is there to experience.

1. Card games

From Cards Against Humanity to Hot Seat, there’s an abundance of card games that you can play which will bring a lot of laughter and joy. Lightening the atmosphere after being stuck in a house with people for weeks is definitely needed.

2. Barbecue with people who also live in your house

Sticking with a summer activity staple, it’s just a little more limited in who you can have around to enjoy it with you. It will also give you more of a sense of normality and let you feel like this is exactly what you’re supposed to be living this time like.

3. Train pets to do new tricks

This might seem like it’s directed towards dog owners, but it’s actually possible for you to even train a goldfish with enough patience. Given the amount of free time most people have right now, there’s more than enough time to try this out. Even cat owners can get in on this and train their cats to do tricks, just make sure you have treats to rewards them.

4. Buy a new game

A lot of people have already taken to this method of passing time but it’s actually highly effective. You can get lost for hours in creating your own virtual life. Sims 4 has been very popular along with Animal Crossing, definitely worth the purchase.

5. Go swimming in a pool

One that might require splurging some money, but it will definitely be worth it. Plus having a pool to cool down in the summer heat will give you a refreshing activity that also counts as exercise and you can just act like a child again. Who could possibly be against a reason to act like a child?

6. Redecorate or rearrange a room

Being stuck in a house that looks the same every day can be frustrating and boring, or maybe you have a room that you just can’t stand the decoration of. Repainting or even just moving furniture around can be the exact thing you need to gain back some sanity. Not to mention it will take up a good few hours if not a couple days, depending on how big the room or if you do the whole house.

7. Have facetime parties

Friends being forced apart for a matter of days can be upsetting, but weeks or even months apart can be heartbreaking. One easy way to try and tackle this issue? The beauty of technology. Facetimes, or other forms of video calling, have allowed us to communicate face to face without having to be close. It might not be the exact same, but get some alcohol and you’ll be acting as if you’re in the same room with each other.

8. Sunbathe and relax

The easiest and most achievable activity. Lying on a blanket or towel in the garden and just getting in as much vitamin D as possible. That’s the way to live and indulge in the summer season without putting in any effort. Just you, the sun, a cold drink and a perfect summer playlist. Regardless of situation, nothing much beats this way of passing time.

by Jasmin Fee