Dedicated fans wait for the new Harry Styles video!

Despite being incredibly busy rushing around Europe for Love on Tour, Harry Styles is dropping a new music video this evening for his new single Late Night Talking from his two month old album Harry’s House. The video premieres at 5:15pm in the UK, but it already has over 1,500 people sitting on the YouTube videos page, and thousands of other fans waiting in anticipation for the video to drop.

Hints that the music video would drop started on Friday of last week, as the ‘You Are Home door’, which was a website used for the new albums promotion, was changed and a telephone was put next to it. On Saturday, the phone played some chords from ‘As it Was’, and then on Sunday the phone played a clip of Harry whistling the chorus of Late Night Talking, which confirmed that fans would get the already anticipated music video.

The phone appearing on the You Are Home website!

On Monday, the phone played a clip of Harry speaking, in which he said “People destined to meet will do so, apparently by chance, at precisely the right moment.” and then two hours later, fans were given a teaser clip of the Late Night Talking music video, along with the release date.

The teaser trailer for the music video shot to number one on YouTube within a day, and then shortly after, emoji’s were added next to the relevant hashtags on Twitter. #HarryStyles is trending on Twitter, with over 23.9k tweets.

Special hashtags on Twitter for the video drop!

Harry was seen in London back in February, in the middle of the street, in a giant bed, and at the time there was a rumour of a song called “Duvet” being on his album. However, since the album came out, it was automatically clear that the video would be for “Late Night Talking”, as the rumours of there being a song called ‘Duvet’ were immediately shot down.

From what we know, the aesthetic of the video really fits the home like nature of his album as he’s dressed in pyjamas, soft socks, and he’s buried in fluffy duvet covers. However, a lot of fans have been especially excited for this music video as it is rumoured a male love interest has been cast for Styles.

This wouldn’t be the first time Harry has been given a male love interest, as he will star in My Policeman, which comes out on October 21st in the UK, as a gay police officer in a romantic relationship with a character portrayed by David Dawson.

Will ‘Duvet’ actually become ‘Late Night Talking’? What do you think about the rumours of a male love interest? Let us know on our Twitter @carbononcampus !

Emma Bell