Deja vu, which groupie are you?

In the hype of JLS getting back together and many other bands, let’s see what your inner ego is by taking this short quiz to reveal the real you!! Make sure you keep count of each letter of your answers to see what you truly are like!

Quiz Questions:

1.    What makes you roll out of bed? A) Morning notifications, B) Radio X is our wake-up call, C) Relies on Roman Kemp, Capital FM to wake me up, D) There is no waking me up!

2.    What is your go-to outfit choice? A) Union Jack dress, it’s all about making a statement, B) Stonewash jeans and white vest, C), Hoodie and Joggers, D) ripped black jeans and a black band t-shirt

3.    If you had to choose one film, what would it be? A) Clueless, urgh as if! B) Bohemian Rhapsody – classic! C) 17 again, D) School of rock

4.    Who are you at a party? A) The first and last on the dance floor, B) Singing out loud on a air-guitar, C) Flirty drunk, D) Shots all the way

5.    What makes you think… oh, that’s a bit of me? A) Bottomless brunch, B) Steak and chips, C) Cheeky Nandos, D) Kebab with spicy sauce

6.    That describes me to a T… A) Pornstar Martini, B) Bloody Mary, C) Sex on the beach, D) Expresso Martini

7.    Where’s your favourite place to vacay? A) Miami, B) London, C) Magaluf, D) Sweden

Mostly As – You queen! You are ready to become the sixth member of Spice girls with your statement looks and chick flick vibes. You know how to have a good time and let your hair down. Sun-kissed skin with Pornstar Martinis at a bottomless brunch sounds like the perfect day out. Don’t get me started about the insta pics! The girls split in 1998 and they since got back together in 2007, 2012 Olympics and done an epic UK tour 2019. Now the ultimate question is… Which spice are you?

Mostly Bs – Old skool and classic sounds like you to a T. Staying true to the British culture with your steak n’ chips and bloody Marys! You are one of a kind with a modern twist to the Legends Queen. Your life is like a movie with your characteristic style! Freddie Mercury released a solo album in 1983 causing Queen to split. In 1985 making a one-time-only performance for Live Aid. In 2010, Adam Lambert has officially announced Queens official singer and have been touring ever since. You truly are a Legend!

Mostly Cs – THE BOYS ARE BACK! You are a cheeky Nandos that effortlessly looks good in your casual wear. You got the sauce and know how to get all the attention, just like JLS! Where’s the next party holiday destination? The boys split in 2013 by announcing they would have a goodbye tour in December. Finally, they have announced a comeback tour later in 2020. Time to dish out your famous JLS hoodie!

Mostly Ds – Oh baby, you only slow down when you’re asleep! Someone who can’t be stopped with wild behaviours you’ll be bouncing off the walls (and that’s not just from one too many Espresso Martinis) when you’re rockin ‘n’ rollin with Rage Against the Machine! Lead singer Zack de la Rocha announced he was leaving Rage, so they split in 2000. They then got back together for a comeback tour in 2007. They’ll be closing Reading festival on the Sunday 2020. Rock on!!

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Loren Parkhurst