Does Spotify hold the key to predicting emotions via music?

The world of technology is moving at a fast pace, and Spotify announced one of the biggest steps in the future of the music streaming industry.

In 2018, Spotify filed for a patent entitled “Identification of taste attributes from an audio signal”, which was only approved early this year in January. The license grants Spotify with technology that aims to use the information around you to predict songs based on your emotions. Yes, you eared it right.

The technology can extract “intonation, stress, rhythm, and the likes of units of speech” from your voice. It can also figure out your emotional state, gender, age and accent based on the way you talk. If your are alone, at a party, on the bus or at school, Spotify can detect the social and physical environment and  play the suitable song, reflecting the vibe.

Spotify explained that “it is common for a media streaming application to include features that provide personalized media recommendations to a user”.

The plan is to fight the insufficient way or retaining information from a user because as the patent stated it requires “to tediously input answer to multiple queries in order for the system to identify the user’s tastes”.

The world’s biggest audio streaming service, with 320m users explained it better saying that “in one example, the output might simply be to play the next content. In another example, the output might be a recommendation on a visual display.”

The comments surfed the internet of people doubting if Spotify will listen to us 24 hours (and I am not talking about your FBI agent). The answer to that is still a mystery and even though we all want a fully personalized music playlist, it wouldn’t be so ethical or ideal to experience that. The truth is a patent is only a record of intentions, whether it is going to be used or not we don’t know yet, but for now feel free to aggressively sing without think if Spotify is going to perceive you any differently from your music taste.

By Alice Derrica