Drugs Came First

Documentaries are more popular than ever before, with streaming services, like Netflix putting more money into them. This high demand saw more variety in the content and themes, as much as everyone loves David Attenborough, crime documentaries in particular are doubling. Celeb Culture have also claimed a large percentage of documentaries, one reason for this is having creative control over how they are perceived. However, some use their platform to tell their story, raise awareness and for the better of society.

Sydney May Crouch, a 24 year old YouTube and influencer from Hertfordshire did just this. On her YouTube Chanel, Syd has always been very open about her family dynamic, being raised by her nan and grandad with her brother. With her grandad passing away 6 years ago, it left the three of them until Syd moved out last year. She remains extremely bonded and close with her family, as they share the tragic memory Syds mum.

4 years ago on the YouTube Chanel she previously shared with Ellie Jarrett, Syd uploaded a story time video where she touched on dealing with death, both her grandad and her mum. Receiving 276k views, with 14k likes and many supportive comments. 2 years later, she uploaded a video more directed about her mum and the drug addiction her mum endured to raise awareness. This video received 336k views, 20k likes and many comments that related to her situation. Although the increase in views could be put down to an increase in subscribers over the 2 years, it is also clear that it was due to people being grateful she was using her platform to cover a taboo topic, which many families can relate to.

In todays society, we are desensitised to the consequences of drugs as they are becoming more normalised every day. Syd is using her platform to oppose this and give society the reality check it needs with her documentary: Drugs Came First.

Recently, Syd has gone solo and been doing amazing in her career, working with beloved brands, creating her own clothing brand and plans to invest in properties. As Syd is doing better than ever, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to go ahead with the documentary she always wanted to make, telling her mums story. Here is everything to know so far:

  1. The documentary is coming January 2022, being uploaded to her YouTube Channel Sydney May Crouch.
  2. She partnered with videographer Elliot Stephens, who appears to be the interviewer.
  3. The documentary reveals never seen before home footage.
  4. The Trailer has been released on Syds and Elliots instagram, and Syds YouTube channel.
  5. On day of release, the trailer was no.1 trending on youtube

118k views in 3 days on the trailer, and no.1 trending, clearly fans are excited for this documentary, and rightfully so. Just the trailer captures the heart-warming, emotional and heart-breaking content coming in January. Syd is not going to be the only one crying.

The trailer reveals that it also features interviews from many family members we have seen on Syds YouTube before, including her nan, brother and Uncle, as they all look back on the memories of her mums 25 year drug addiction. Even one interviewee explaining her trouble with alcohol at a similar time, pushing her to become a survivor instead. Being filmed in the home of Syd and her nan, enforces the viewers to feel invited and vulnerable with the family.

Syd, keep doing you and everyone is patiently waiting for the masterpiece that is coming in January 2022.

By Sofia Wells