Expecting the big issue 16!

The long awaited Issue 16 is finally about to drop and here you’ll be introduced to just a few of the wonderful articles.

Issue 16 has nearly arrived and it’s jam-packed with incredible content. The BA Fashion Media team have been hard at work and have graced us with a great, versatile array of articles.

So without further ado, here’s a run-down of just 6 of the interesting articles but please do stick around for the others!

  • Back 2 the Future

The beautiful article written by Jordan Ricketts has a look at how the past has been influencing the trends and catwalks of 2021. It touches on some of the political and societal issues that shaped the 70s to 2000s and their style, whilst highlighting how sustainability has been a huge topic this year moving us to recycle vintage pieces.

  • Zulu’s beadwork culture

Lauren Burger’s article on the integral culture of the Zulu people of South Africa is a very beautiful piece. It touches on how the Zulu society works, designs of the beadwork and what different bead colours mean. It is a very insightful and educational article on the wonderful Zulu culture.

  • Brow History

Brow History is exactly that. The history, changes and trends on brows. Maddi Reynolds teaches us about the different changes the female eyebrow has undergone from the 1940s all the way up to 2021’s natural brow. It tells us what influenced these changes and why.

  • Reselling Répertoire

The article gives a deeper insight into the trade of reselling and clearing up the controversy clouding it in words like ‘unethical’ and ‘greedy’. The article written by Rokeya Rodney talks to Joseph Gant who is a reseller part of a group called DunkDealers. The article is a good read and insightful on some details of how the reselling world works.

  • The swinging sixties

This article on how the 60s has influenced trends of 2021 is an eye-catching one. Sonia Osuji talks about hair, makeup, shoes and everything in between. With a beautiful design on the spread and information on celebs that have sky-rocketed this trend, this article is not one to miss!

  • What cocktail are you?

The fun quiz by Sofia Wells adds a break from all the reading to give you an engaging activity, finding out what cocktail you identify as. Will you be a mojito or a cosmo? Read Carbon Issue 16 to find out!

Make sure you’re apart of all the fun this issue! Stay tuned!