Happy birthday Steve Irwin, celebrate the Wildlife Warrior’s best moments!

Steve Irwin holding baby croc

Steve Irwin holding a baby croc

National Wildlife Day is being celebrated on two days this year – one as the original September 4th, the other added as today (Feb 22nd)! However, this date is added for a special someone’s birthday, Steve Irwin! Happy birthday Steve Irwin, celebrate the Wildlife Warrior’s best moments! What a way to celebrate his life!

His notable career as “Crocodile Hunter”

Firstly, Steve was always searching for crocs with his dad to put them out of danger. They would then take them to either a local zoo or to another stretch of lake. Check out this cute pic of Steve and his son Bob carrying on the legacy:

Movie Star Steve!

Steve was a fab television personality! With his shows such as “The Crocodile Hunter” and even starring in Happy Feet (personal fave). He also had spin-off comedy films based on the nature documentary like “The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course” earning a whopping $33.4 million! He also won a TV award in 2007, go Steve!

Irwin’s Turtle!

Irwin and his father Bob found a species of turtle in the early 1900’s. It’s now believed to be in extinction, however it originated from the lower region of the Burdekin River, weirdly found on top of a croc at the time – look how cute!

Irwin’s… Gorilla?

In May 2007, the Rwandan Government wanted to pay tribute to him in naming a baby gorilla after him. The ceremony was held that following June. His wife Terri said: “Steve would’ve loved that because he had a very soft spot for gorillas and he was very aware of the plight of them”, king of the jungle or what?!

His Legacy

Above all, remembering these few lovely moments remind us how one human can be so fearless and compassionate. Finally, Happy birthday Steve Irwin, celebrate the wildlife warrior’s best moments today and remember: “We don’t own planet earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife”.

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