Here is everything you need to know about DREST, the fashion app we are obsessed with

If you’ve been following Carbon for awhile now, then you’d know that we are obsessed with anything fashion related. You can learn all about the new collections from your favourite designers or see photos from fashion week all around the internet, but only here you can read about the new fun and inspiring app – Drest. With such an excitement we downloaded the app, played with it and now we can answer the most important questions for you. We can guarantee, that you will be rushing to download it after!

What is DREST?

DREST is an app and a platform, that lets you be creative, trendy and have fun at the same time. It gives you styling tasks for celebrities and different events, that you have to complete, in order to get points and money for new clothes in the app. You can create a whole wardrobe using pieces, that you can actually find in store right now. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace and many more are part of the game. Isn’t that sick?!

Can you buy real items on DREST?

Yes, you can actually buy the things that you are playing with. All you have to do is click on the shopping bag icon “View online” and you can order directly from Farfetch.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download and start styling your favourite celebrities for their next red carpet event. However, if you don’t have enough points or money, you can buy more on the app.

Does DREST have a website or social media channels?

Yes, it does. The website is called , where you can subscribe to the newsletter and receive some exclusive news. You can find is also on Instagram as @drest , Twitter – @DRESTstyle and Facebook – Drest.

When does it lauch?

It is already available at Apple AppStore and Google Play for Android users.

What are you waiting then? Go download Drest and become the best virtual stylist!  

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva
Illustrations by Sienna Jordan