HICCUP Interview

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This is an interview with HICCUP, a successful and expanding small business, specialising in jewellery with quirky, fun and colourful designs, as well as prints and clothing. Known as @_hic.cup_ on Instagram. The interview digs into the future of HICCUP as well as business insights from the lovely owner of the brand Daisy Flory-Bunting. It highlights the vital parts of being a small business owner alongside the creative work and pleasures it comes with. 

Starting with the question of “What has inspired you to start your own business?“I was already selling art work, screen printed t-shirts, zines and was just starting making jewellery from my own personal account so a business kind of developed from there! If I was already doing it then I might as well try and make it into a brand! I was also studying illustration at Uni at the time so being surrounded by creativity and artistic people really helped.”

Moving onto the next question that is important for anyone wanting some insights on small businesses or thinking of starting one. “What are the pros and cons of having your own business?”“The main pro is that I’m my own boss! I have the freedom to create anything I want when I want. The cons are that I have to try and be strict with myself and set deadlines, which is quite hard! I’m still getting my head around finances too and being in charge of that can be quite stressful!”

Getting more into the business side we asked where does she see herself in 5 years and how did she plan to her business, she replies with“I try not to think too much into the future as I like to take one step at a time as to not stress myself out. However, I would like to expand to clothing and have been planning this for quite a while. I’m hoping to get my artwork printed on fabric and employ my Mum to become HICCUP’s seamstress. I would like to still be making jewellery and creating illustrations but hopefully to a bigger audience! I’m not too sure how I’ll do this, I guess just carry on working as hard as I am now. I’ll probably have to get TikTok soon too as it seems to be a really good platform for small businesses.”

When asked what her favourite item from her shop was she replied with” “That’s a really hard question! I don’t think I can choose one! I would say my favourite items would be the barbed wire jewellery, especially the orange pattern, or the Sound system jumper.”

Photo credits @_hic.cup_

Balancing a business as well as personal life can be a challenge but it is manageable as Daisy mentions when asked how she spends her days relaxing,“My studio is 2 desks in my bedroom so that’s where I work. I spend pretty much every minute of every day making things when I can! I’m not very good at relaxing but I guess I do this when I see my friends”.Apart from running her own business her other areas of interest are going out to music events and festivals, she also has started to learn to DJ recently, although she claims she’s not very good at it yet. We certainly don’t believe that, pretty sure it’s amazing already!

Her most enjoyable part of running her business is “Making anything from just an idea and bringing things to life! I love experimenting and pushing myself to see whatI can do, especially with the intricate canes I’ve been making lately! And generally just doing what I love every day feels amazing!”

Wanting to find more about the type of advice that would help somebody start their own business Daisy replied “If I’m completely honest I struggle with the business side of things when it comes to my brand, but I will try my best to answer! I would say make sure you learn how to do finances as this is something that still confuses me.  Don’t be afraid to experiment lots until you find a style or techniques that you love. If you’re serious about it then you’ve got to work really hard but also know when to take a break too” 

One of the things that we wanted to ask was What is something you wish you knew at the start of your business compared to now?“How to do grown up things like finances! And also how to use social media in a productive way as this is still something I find tricky and stressful at times” 

Gathering some tips directly from the owner on making a successful business we know that we need to:“Experiment lots! You need to do this to find your own unique style and it keeps things exciting too. Work hard. You’ll have to put in a lot of hours. It takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t be hard on yourself or compare yourself to others. My brand took years for it to expand. It can take time and that’s okay.  Also know when to take breaks and relax as this is so important!Have fun with it! If your not enjoying what you’re making/doing then change it.”

Seeing that the brand itself is doing well we asked about Future collaborations? Who would you love to collab with?“I’ve got a couple of Sound system commissions coming up. As for dream collabs, creating jewellery for someone like Tim Walker would be amazing! I would also like to do more collabs with friends of mine like Bellisa X Clothing, Bees Knees Apparel, Stick Up Crochet and Mojo Threads as it’s always nice collaborating with people you know!”

Running your own business definitely changes some perspectives and we wanted to know how it shaped Daisy as a person, she replied with: “It’s definitely made me more confident in myself knowing that people are interested in what I’m making! It makes me so happy when I bump into wearing my jewellery or clothes (even more so if I don’t know them). So, I would say it’s benefited me as a person as it gives me something to get up for every day that I love doing”. 

Being creative and constantly innovating new designs It can be tricky to come up with inspiration and new ideas, we wanted to find out where does Daisy gather her inspiration?“I am massively inspired by colours and love deciding on what colours will go with what! My jewellery is always inspired by patterns and recently it has been becoming more and more influenced by illustrations shown with the barbed wire and Sound system canes. The main things that inspire my artwork is rave culture and music and more recently I’ve been inspired by objects and creating abstract motifs with them such as the smiley cherries. I’ve also always been inspired by the human form when it comes to my illustrations” 

Photo credits @_hic.cup_

The interview left us with a positive outlook and insights into the world of HICCUP as well as getting the chance to talk to Daisy about her passions and interests as well as helpful advice, which will defiantly benefit all of us!

Written by Karolina Muszanska