How far would you go for fame?

Wealth. Adoration. Luxury. 

There’s nothing that could be more appealing right?

Seemingly an entire generation that was raised alongside the rapid evolution of technology. The ideal life of fame and fortune is almost the only thing on young people’s minds and they’re willing to sacrifice a lot to get exactly that out of their lives. Not that anyone can blame them for the appeal of it all.

Whether it be from creating online blogs, Youtube videos or even getting on the most recent fame promising app, Tiktok. People will sing, dance and sometimes humiliate themselves just to gain social media attention. All of this could lead to the life of an influencer which is probably the most sought after job as of current times.

Love Island, Big Brother, Ex on The Beach are all almost guaranteed to gain you a following, the more drama you cause the more you’re either liked or hated. Either way you amass some form of attention and it by most standards can lead you to a life of fame. 

But is any of it worth it? How long can it really last? Will you come to regret your actions in years to come?

Love Island

There’s a lot of potential that’s the case. Many people who have came out the other end of these shows have suffered, struggling to handle the hate and constant judgement from the press. 

We’ve watched stars like Katie Price, who has been the target of a lot of controversy in her career, fall to her lowest after seemingly being at her highest. She has admitted to regretting a lot of her previous actions and now tries to remain out of public discretion. Now she only really makes appearances trying to focus on positive issues or sharing her thoughts in a more delicate and mature manner than she has in the past. 

Fame and fortune always seems appealing to the majority of people, but once they have it there’s a twist in their attitude of their opinion on the manner. The sudden pressure isn’t easy to be thrown into especially for contestants on shows such as Love Island. Their fame rises and their actions have been witness while they are completely cut off from being able to know if they’re liked or disliked. It’s proven that it’s taken really made a bad impact on some lives.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Some do strive under the spotlight and even almost make an art out being famous. Most likely taking inspiration from the Kardashians, who really set the standard, are hugely influential in living the dream life that creates the fame ideal. 

It’s definitely a route that is worth attempting going down if you can handle that sort of intense and face-pace lifestyle. So long as you’re being careful and smart about it than fame could be worth anything you’re willing to put towards it. We wish you the best of luck in succeeding if you decide that’s the life for you.

By Jasmin Fee