How superstitious are you?

Happy Friday… the 13th!

Superstitions are all around us and dictate the actions of believer’s everyday lives.  For many people, today is a spooky day where normal routine activities don’t quite go the way they are expected to. For other people it’s just a Friday, and they are getting ready for the weekend! 

If you want to find out just how superstitious you are, keep track of how many of these rules you abide! 

  1. Friday the 13th is unlucky. 
  2. Black cats mean bad luck.  
  3. Breaking a mirror means 7 years bad luck.  
  4. A four-leaf clover brings good luck. 
  5. If you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back. 
  6. Wishes made when blowing out birthday candles always come true.  
  7. You believe in beginner’s luck.  
  8. If you get a chill it means someone walked over your grave.  
  9. Wishes made on a shooting star come true.  
  10. If your palm is itchy then money is coming your way.
  11. When say “Bloody Mary” 3 times in the mirror, she will appear. 
  12. If you spill salt you have to toss some over your left shoulder. 
  13. Fortune cookies tell the truth.  
  14. You should never open an umbrella indoors.  
  15. You believe in astrology.  
  16. If you make a wish at 11:11 it will come true. 
  17. Throwing a coin in a fountain will bring you luck.  
  18. Horseshoes are good luck. 
  19. A crucifix protects from evil. 
  20. It’s good luck if you find a penny. 
  21. Bad luck always comes in threes. 

1-6 = Not very superstitious.

If you scored between 1-6 then you know fact from fiction, who has time for silly superstitions? Sure, you may agree with a few good signs here and there, but you are very rational. And just like that mad scientist over there, you believe that everything can be explained! Perhaps you always pick up a penny when you find it, or you are on the look-out for a four-leaf clover but nothing else gets past you! 

7-11 = Fool me once shame on you…

Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice? You won’t. If you scored in this bracket, then you are a little bit superstitious, but you know that repeating someone’s name in the mirror 3 times sadly won’t make them appear. You think that all the spooky noises coming from your spare bedroom can be explained however, the number 13 will forever be unlucky… 

12-16 = Very superstitious.

You are very superstitious in the ways that you like to try your odds when it turns 11:11 (just in case) and you enjoy checking your horoscope even though you may think that they are all pretty relatable. On the other hand, you know that a lot of these superstitions are old wife’s tales that have passed down generations and at this point, they are complete rubbish! 

Superstitious? These are facts.

Superstitious or maybe even incredibly-stitious, if you scored 17+ then you are one who would rather not take their chances when it comes to walking under a ladder or stepping on 3 drains. If you must, then you will definitely be doing it with your fingers crossed! You aren’t completely crazy, but you don’t want any bad juju lurking around. Some may say you put the Super in stitious…  

by cyra watts