How to dress up your pup

With the value of the UK pet market hitting an astonishing £7 billion, we feel it’s time to get in on the trend of making our dogs look runway – or at least maybe park – ready. In this article, find out where to get the very best doggie accessories for your number one soulmate. 

Also featuring in this article is my very own babies, Simba, a nearly 12-year-old border terrier with three legs, and Nancy, a 1-year-old hell-raiser staffy with a heart of gold.

1. Pets at Home

Dog wearing clothes
Pets at Home, ‘Urban Pup Blue Ocean Bedtime Dog Pyjamas Medium’, £20. 

Pets at Home has always been a hit, but have you ever visited during Christmas/Halloween time? The shelves once reserved for just rabbit food become clothing rails, and are stocked with fancy dress for our pooches. Think Peaky Blinders hats, adorable little pink socks, or perhaps more practical, a slick leather jacket for chilly strolls to the park that even Grease’s Danny Zuko would be proud of.

2. Zara

Zara dog wearing yellow raincoat
Zara, ‘Pet Collection Raincoat’, £19.99.

Yes – Zara. We know what you’re thinking. Probably the most recent of launches out of the ones listed in this article, Zara released their brand new Pet Collection that includes probably the most adorable yellow raincoat you have ever seen, a luxury quilted doggie coat – perfect for all of the snow we’ve been having – and the most gorgeous checked blanket which doubles up as a little neckerchief, leaving your dog strutting in style.

3. Joules

Large dog wearing a green jumper
Joules, ‘Dog Drying Coat’, £28.95.

I had no idea about the expansive pet collection Joules offers and fell down a very deep hole of browsing all of their dog-related products. While probably on the more expensive side, this brand would quite literally kit out your dog for a day out in Knightsbridge. Whether you have a teeny dachshund or a huge bumbling Labrador, Joules has got you covered. Take a look at their extensive product range, you will not be disappointed.

4. Handmade

And finally, just like your mum loves handmade cards on her birthday, the same applies for your doggies. You simply cannot GET the handmade feel from a mass-produced item. Sure, it’s more expensive, but for a real luxurious, I-love-you feel, you could try your hand at making your own. For me personally, I crochet, and I made Nancy her own cosy rainbow jumper, complete with personalised initial. However, if you’re not so crafty, there are many handmade items to choose from on Etsy, and you’d be supporting a small business too.

Tatum’s top tips for purchasing dogwear:

  • Measure your dog. SO many times I have ordered things, guessing my dog’s size when actually the jumper comes and I can barely get it over his head.
  • Try to stay away from eBay and Amazon, they may seem like good, cheap sellers with a vast range of styles, but from experience, I find their sizing is all wrong, and often takes a long time to arrive. 
  • Make sure your dog is happy! A dog’s comfort and happiness is the top priority. Our aim here is not to suffocate them, but to make them look cool, and to be warm and cosy. If you know your dog doesn’t enjoy clothes, please don’t force them, not everyone is a natural Naomi Campbell.

– by Tatum Farmer.