How to make the most of a birthday in lockdown

Covid may have taken your birthday night out away from you but there is no need to panic as a birthday night IN can be just as special,and here we’re going to give you some tips on how to best celebrate your big day whilst Boris has us all stuck at home!


You may not be able to have the big party you planned, but that doesn’t mean you should let those decorations go to waste, you need a cute zoom party background after all!!! Blow up some cute balloons and hang up a pretty banner to get yourself in the birthday spirit!


What’s a birthday without cake?!?!?! Put your baking skills to the test and bake your own birthday cake, or pick one of many cakes up at the supermarket whilst on your weekly food shop! The flavour possibilities are endless, and just think a positive of spending your birthday in lockdown is that you don’t have to share and can eat it all yourself!!!


Your birthday is one of the few days of the year where you can eat whatever your heart desires guilt-free! So why not make the most of it?! You may not be able to eat out at your favourite restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat good!! Order in your favourite takeaway or cook your favourite meal. Treat yourself!! You deserve it!!


You don’t need to go to the bar when you can drink at home! Why not have a cocktail making night whether it’s with your household or over zoom and have fun making your favourite drinks! Another idea could also to play drinking games, because why not?! It’s your birthday!!


Normally on your birthday, you would probably be going out with your friends, but this year that isn’t possible! However, Facetime and zoom have been life-savers this past year for keeping up socialisation so a zoom party is better than no party at all! Although if zoom isn’t your thing, from the 8th March you can legally meet a friend in the park and from the 29th March you can meet five other friends in your garden socially distanced!

Written By Anna Dalligan – Images VIA Unsplash