I took a social media break for a week and this is how it affected me

I’m not one to compare myself to people’s lives on social media as we know they only show the best parts on there. But I noticed I was on my phone a lot recently and wanted to see the effects of a social media break.  

By Nicola Scovell  

On Sunday evening I turned off all notifications for Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and moved all the apps off my home screen. Below is a diary of how I found each day… 

Monday: The first day wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. One of the things I noticed though, is how I reach for my phone in the morning. Normally, I would spend at least 30 minutes in bed scrolling endlessly before I get up.  

Tuesday: Didn’t expect to be struggling by day two! However, my uni work got done quicker than usual. Even though I put my phone on mute when I do work, I find myself checking it every so often and get distracted.   

Wednesday: Since the break, I have been getting straight out of bed and exercising which I am finding beneficial. My sleep pattern has got better as I’ve been going to bed earlier. However, I am starting to feel disconnected from my friends.  So far, do I think having no social media is revolutionary? No.  

Thursday: Today was a mix as I realised that I don’t have FOMO as I’m not watching other people’s Snapchat stories, but I am getting it as I’m missing out on my group chats.  

Friday: I know there are other ways of finding/getting news online, but Twitter is where I go for information as you find out things instantly. I think cutting down screen time is important but personally, I couldn’t live without all social media.  

Saturday: I felt much better as the week went on and more productive, I picked up going on walks and runs to substitute. Don’t get me wrong though, I did watch a disgusting amount of Netflix!  

In conclusion, I think cutting down your screen time is beneficial and you can make simple changes to do so.  Some changes that I’m going to make include, not going on my phone in the morning, setting timers for apps (30 minutes for Instagram and Twitter) and taking a break once a month as I found it improved my mental health.