It’s Always Sunny…

London-based brand House of Sunny has returned with a new AW22 collection to fill the eccentric hole in our hearts. Their London Fashion Week event that was held on the 17th of February showcases all the new pieces, including a new and improved ‘green dress’.

Founded by Sunny Williams in 2011, House of Sunny has become a celeb favorite, being named the “brand of Gen-Z”. The brand has a distinct style of retro disco fused with modern silhouettes.

Their bright colors and outlandish designs show the influence of the 70s psychedelic style and the mod style of the 50s. Going viral in 2020 with their “Hockney Dress”, House of Sunny has been on an upward path ever since.

Opening their first 2 stores in London at the end of 2021, the independent brand’s future is indeed sunny and this new collection proves that. Sustainability being the core of the brand, they centered this collection around unisex re-wearable pieces to limit waste.

Here are some of the standout pieces from the collection:

Items are available for pre-order now! Which piece will you be rocking in the Fall?

Rokeya Rodney