Immi Sturgeon

The Kardashian Jenner always excel with the celebration of Halloween each year WITHOUT fail, when it comes to any form of holiday they do not disappoint. from food to décor and most definably and unforgettably, costumes.

From the very first day of spooky season the Kardashian take to their socials to post all the glamour and aesthetics around them, Kourtney Kardashian posted a photograph on the first of October of two ginormous skeletons guarding a gate in her garden, she later then posted a very casual and un-Kardashian Instagram story of her in a skeleton onesie with a devil filter on in the mirror. Though Halloween costumes are never done half-heartedly by the famous sisters. This year, currently pregnant and youngest of the Kar Jenner’s, Kylie Jenner posted a photograph on her Instagram from her most recent collection shoot for kylie cosmetics, Kylie x Nightmare on Elm Street. Kylie was photographed looking glamours covered and sat in a pool of blood, the post got around 14,423,290 likes, practically confirming the Kardashians are the queens of Halloween.

Kylie Jenner 2021

Here is a scattered timeline from 2012 to 2020 of the Kardashian Jenner’s most Iconic Halloween costumes starting with the woman who brought the family onto the big screen, Kim Kardashian.

2012- Kim Kardashian, cat woman for her Halloween party in Malibu Beach

2015- Kourtney Kardashian, Great Gatsby. Kourt attended a roaring 20’s themed party and did a spin on Jay Gatspy’s suit

2016- Kylie Jenner, Christina Agulera 2002 ‘Dirrty’ music video

2018- Kris Jenner Cleopattera

2019- Kendall Jenner, Forest Fairy. Host of Halloween party

2020- Khloe Kardashian, Storm

2018- All the sisters as Victoria’s Secret Angels, i couldn’t not include.