Lessons to learn from inspirational women

Happy International Women’s day!

Many of us have our idols and people who we look up to. Its National Women’s Day so this season we hand picked some of the most inspirational lessons we have learnt from women. The most successful, talented and intelligent women, across a variety of different industries. We should continue to support, respect and care for everyone, but because its National Women’s Day we can give them a little extra love on this special day


Confidence, the biggest lesson to be learnt from women, confidence is key. Whether it’s during work, an important event or even the small things such as wearing a new outfit. Confidence is an amazing way to start building self love and great skills both in work environment and home. 


Positivity, being positive and spreading that energy is beneficial to everyone, even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way. Positivity can have a major impact on your lives, even doing the simplest things with a good mindset and awareness will affect your lifestyle, mood and environment massively.


Awareness, spreading awareness about events, dates, issues and life situations in general is very important. Our inspirational women stand up for their and other people’s rights, spread the help to those in need, bring attention to political, environmental and many other highly important issues going on in the world. 


Self Care, this lesson is key, self love and care is important for everyone, whether that’s dealing with a bad day, stress, mental health or any other issues. Taking care and putting your own health first is priority. This is a lesson we all can learn from to understand that it is perfectly fine to take a step back, take some time and focus on your mental health and self care. 


Goals, this lesson comes from any women in any industry, having and setting yourself up some goals is a helpful way of reminding yourself where you want to be and how you want to achieve those targets. These goals don’t have to be massive, the smallest ones count equally as the biggest ones. 


Independence, this lesson from women is key, being independent is a great way of challenging yourself but also showing that you can do all these amazing things. Being independent shows that you have a strong mindset and are able to achieve whatever you like if you put your mind to it.