Mais Morris for the tall, mid/plus fashion lover

With a slowly growing acceptance into different body types and more accounts are appearing and gaining attention. So I spoke to Maisie who runs accounts to really show and represent this group of people.

Running social media accounts with almost 10k followers on Tiktok and 5k on Instagram, Maisie Morris is making a mission to encourage mid and plus size people to take on any style of fashion and outfit they love with no shame about it. 

Having had a love for photography since a young age, Maisie started her instagram account with a combination of this love for photography and fashion. “I always liked the idea of a personal aesthetic, but when I started Art & Design I met a girl who did instagram and showed me Tashie Tinks which gave me tons of tips on how to start the instagram. I just found it so visual pleasing and I have always had an artistic streak in me, I think it was kind of a natural thing really.” Having an Instagram account to practice and experiment with her creativity. It’s really allowed her to figure out which part of the fashion industry she’d prefer to work in. 

As for inspiration for all her fashion. There is some legends that she has taken inspiration from that we can all praise for their iconic style. “In school I did a project on David Bowie, I watched the labyrinth and from then I was obsessed. I have always liked artists who push the boundaries & stereotypes, this along with Freddie Mercury & Queen.” Being able to have the freedom to express herself through clothes is definitely important. Taking inspiration from other influencers is definitely something Maisie followers. “ I love Sophia & Cinzia for current fast pace trends, but I try my hardest not to let that steer me away from the way I dress and style myself (as today it is so hard to be original when society sets the bar so high for ‘perfect’)”

Style was a hard thing to put down to one thing. Maisie definitely has a unique style and it ranges from all sorts of “styles”.  “I don’t think I really have a set style per say, but I just really try and be comfy in what I wear. I want my style to be very loud in terms of standing out. While she does tend to stick to keeping up with trends she always has her own twist on them. Adding “My style (or style goal) is to walk into a restaurant or any room and get comments on my outfits (even if they are good or bad, at least I’m grabbing attention). I think my style is self expression and confidence, I want people to know they can wear what they want and life is too short to be scared.” Which is really the approach we should all aspire to take. 

Maisie is definitely a candidate that has huge potential for working in the fashion industry. But it wasn’t always that way with her love for fashion. “When I was younger I hated fashion, I didn’t care about clothes or anything, I actually was planning to go sixth form to study to be a forensics field.” But she found that area really didn’t interest her and wasn’t as creative. Attending collage she chose to go into art & design where she was given the choice between painting, photography or fashion. After tasters, she realised that she got more interested in fashion. But there was a couple minor issues. “When I got into year 2 I realised that the fashion on my course was pure sewing and a more hands on side of fashion, which I decided I couldn’t do after accidentally pricking myself with the thread needle 5000 times.”

Following the realisation that sewing and design wasn’t the route she wanted to go down but fashion was now what her heart was set on she asked her tutor for some advice. “I had no idea exactly how big the fashion industry was, I knew I loved picking the clothes I was going to make and photographing my final pieces, my tutor recommended Styling and the Creative Director role too me.” With that Maisie went on to study branding and communication at university which was “the best decision I ever made.”

Discussing the subject of which brands she’d like to worth with or work for she talked about how she has previously partnered with Lounge underwear. “I loved the idea of an online brand and online campaigns, so I think my main brand goal (realistically) would be PLT, I love their whole work ethic and brand, I shop their often and I just love their work community (I follow PLTHQ and there work account and I just could 100% picture myself there one day).” Working with more brands is definitely in Maisie’s goals with her social media. Admittedly, she is a fan of the designer brands and was honest in saying “In my biggest dreams ever would be Gucci, the whole brand is just my dream, they are so creative and so expressive, I think they really stand out from any other brand & I love the thought of working for a RTW luxury brand.”

Promoting mid/plus size fashion as an influencer can sometime be hard with sizing of clothes fitting different body types. So when it comes to suggesting certain stores or brands Maisie did admit “Unfortunately there isn’t many, brands now are hit and miss when it comes to clothes, ASOS can be really good for plus size clothing, however again for me lack the length, PLT plus is very good but lacks quality.” At times it can be frustrating with sizing and inclusivity in sizing. “I think many brands have potentials but miss out huge gaps in the market. I do often shop at Zara, however they do not have a plus size they just have a S, M, XXL in some items, which again I think is sometimes ridiculous sizing. I personally don’t find any brand caters for mid or plus size women properly, I think it is just luck, as I think the beauty standard is so so specific brands do not want to ‘ruin their aesthetic’ (which is ridiculous).” But ultimately Mais did admit that for her go-to stores to shop at are ASOS, PLT and H&M.

Talking more about representation of mid and plus size women in fashion. Maisie explained “have always loved the ideas of models being tall & thin for aesthetic wise (just because it is so pushed to be norm) but in reality, we can’t do that. It’s the exact same with anything, it’s discrimination.” Which is a bold but true statement to make when it comes to looking at what is shown in most commonly in advertisement, in magazines and on social media. “As well as designer clothes, I tried some Gucci boots on before and even they expect us to be skinny, the feet were massive on me but the ankle of the boot was so so so thin it nearly cut my ankle off  I think designer brands especially think they can get away with it, because I always here ‘oh that’s just how luxury brands are’ well why not change them?” Having her own experience of how fashion doesn’t cater to people who don’t fit into the ‘aesthetic’ that is set by the fashion. Even addressing how mens brands can do a lot better with “Men’s magazine it’s always a handsome, well built 6 pack man with the caption ‘this could be you’ standing on his yatch or something ridiculous. There’s a huge change that is needed I feel.”

In terms of fashion and social media Maisie admitted that “the engagement on tik tok is so much better than instagram, you can reach thousands from one video; I’m nearly at 10K on tik tok and i only posted a few months ago, however I’ve been on instagram for years now and only just got 5000. I love tik tok for the styling videos & hauls.” However, for her personal preference of where to find inspiration for her own fashion “nstagram is perfect for inspo for me, as well as pinterest, i rarely get fashion inspo from anywhere else, I’m always influenced by others when I purchase things, unless I see some thing in the shops while shopping it will be from an instagram account that I have saved.” Proving that influencers support influencers a lot of the time and not everything has to be a matter of being entirely individual because we can all admit that we’ve seen someone in an outfit or piece of clothing that we just want to steal.

Maisie Morris is definitely an influencer who is worth a follow and she has such a unique approach to fashion while also keeping on trend. Changing slightly as we move through the seasons, she had a neutral palette for the colder months and has spanned into strong, bold colours for the sunnier seasons and weather. 

By Jasmin Fee