Make your Summer the best yet with our budget guide

I think we are all in agreement that we deserve the best Summer yet after staying in for so long. However, with Summer comes money and I don’t know about you, but here at Carbon we are all about saving that dosh. Having a good Summer doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and I am here to prove it. Take note of these fun ideas so you can enjoy the sun and the freedom, on a realistic budget.

Create your own Festival

Festivals and Summer go hand in hand, and if the tickets themselves aren’t pricey enough, the travel and accommodation only add to it. This is why creating your own festival for you and your favourite people is the perfect answer. Let yourself get creative with the set up, add lights or decoration, maybe even set up a mini drinks station. Invite your friends over that you have been waiting patiently to see, turn up the music and have your own party in the sun. With the ability to live stream your favourite DJ’s or play that Summer playlist through your speaker, let the music set the scene for a fun, affordable day and let it play into the night.

Theme Parks

Although with the sun blaring, you may be wishing you were abroad at a water park, let yourself enjoy the cheaper alternative. Head down to a theme park nearest your home with a group of friends or family and let the fun begin. Many theme parks now offer student discount or apply discounts for big groups, making this more affordable for those needing to save the P’s. Let your hair down on the rollercoasters and water rides and treat yourself to that burger, donut or slushy that’s been calling your name. If you close your eyes, you may as well be in Orlando!


Having a BBQ during Summer is undoubtedly a tradition for many. This summer, make the BBQ even bigger and better. Invite all your friends over and have everyone contribute something for the meal, this way the money strain isn’t just on you. Have some bring the drinks, some bring dessert, and some bring snacks. Make sure everyone’s dietary needs are catered for and have everybody do their part to prepare or make the food, this way there’s less pressure on you, and it is a fun way to bring everybody together, in the most affordable way.

Make use of Wowcher and Groupon

Websites like Wowcher and Groupon are extremely overlooked. With the stigma of being for older ‘coupon’ like ladies, and offering activities for children, not many of GenZ (you guys) use it. These type of companies are made to help you save money, and with the right amount of investigation I am almost certain that you will find something for everyone. They offer fun days out and experiences like helicopter rides, driving race cars and Spa Days. Having a scroll through these websites won’t be a waste of your time, and could result in you doing something you never expected, all while saving your money.

DIY cocktail evening

Another excuse to invite all your friends over, as if you needed one. Making cocktails not only provides the goods, but also provides entertainment for everyone. Having your guests bring their choice of mixers, alcohol or non alcoholic drink, takes the cost strain off you, but also allows for the element of surprise. Mixing drinks that you wouldn’t usually mix could result in you creating your very own Summer cocktail or mocktail. Similarly, you could plan which drinks you are wanting to make and have everyone follow the recipe and directions. Watching your friends get into ‘bartender mode’ can be a fun way to bring everybody together and allows everyone to have some fun, try something new and enjoy their homemade drinks in the sun.

By Ava Monaghan