Mega-Brands Doing Their Bit

Mega-Brands Contributing to their countries and the world.

With the sense of uncertainty surrounding our current situation and the pandemic, our top luxury brands have been showing their support in their own way; including the likes of Chanel, Mulberry, Prada and Burberry.

Prada has shared that they will be manufacturing 110,000 masks and 80,000 medical overalls to do their bit in helping combat the pandemic. Beginning production on March 18th, 2020 after a request from the Tuscany Region of Italy, Prada is planning on allocating protective masks and overalls to healthcare professionals by April 6th, 2020. 

As well as producing medical equipment; Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani have donated millions of euros to contribute to the production of respirators and hospital wings of Italy.

Prada producing masks for the population of Italy

France is currently using 40 million face masks each week and has ordered more than a billion, according to Olivier Veran, French Health Minister. 

With Chanel still currently employing workers in France, there are ‘150 sewing specialists from Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Maisons d’Art workshops to produce protective masks and hospital gowns’, according to Chanel President of Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky. In addition, Chanel has donated 1.2 million euros to the emergency fund, created by the Public Hospital System for the City of Paris, the Fondation Georges Pompidou and the French Emergency Services. 

The iconic image of a woman wearing protective gear, adorning the Chanel protective mask

Declared on Instagram, Mulberry will be donating 15% of their UK digital sales for the next month to the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal, delivering vital aid to those affected within the UK.

Meanwhile, Burberry is ‘fast-tracking the delivery of 100,000 surgical masks to the UK National Health Service for the use of medical staff’, as declared on their social media. The brand is also funding research into vaccines developed by the University of Oxford, helping them on their course of human trials to begin next month. Additionally, they are donating to charities affected by the outbreak including FareShare and The Felix Project. This is in light of increasing pressures on families and people who are in need of food supplies.

There has been some controversy (of course), where people are concerned that they cannot purchase these items as they are not within the demographic, calling it a cash-grab. Whilst others say that it doesn’t matter if you can’t purchase the safety gear; these brands are doing their bit to show their support in such hard times for the whole world…

What are your thoughts?

Written by Rachael Taylor

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