Megan Short; Influencer and Fashion Student

Carbon spoke to Megan Short about juggling her busy life as an Influencer and Fashion Student. She gave us some tips for keeping organised and how she balances all her work…which should help as deadlines are approaching.

What made you want to continue your studies along side being an influencer?

“I‘ve always had uni in my head and know that it’s something I should do almost as a plan b but I actually just really enjoy it and my course (fashion branding and communication), actually kinda helps me with what I do now! they overlap a lot so that’s also really cool!”.

How do you balance your uni work and Youtube Channel/ Influencer work? How hard do you find this?

“Planning! I plan my month then the week then each day! I don’t find it hard at all but it’s deadline season at the moment so I haven’t uploaded as much as I usually do but during normal term time I don’t think it’s hard at all it’s just like when people balance a part time job and uni really, but maybe a few more hours haha”.

What’s your favourite thing about studying fashion at university?

“My favourite thing is the creativity, I love styling shoots, planning shoots etc. I also love that it’s all coursework and no exams, I hate exams and revision I find it so boring haha”.

This time of year is stressful for students as work is all due in soon! How are you coping with assignments?

“Very stressful, that being said I’m very very busy right now but I’m not that stressed! I was really stressed about a deadline last week but as soon as I started working I realised how much I could get done in a day haha, I’m doing well! Planning and actually just getting started with the tasks I’ve been putting off always helps me”.

How do you spend your free time away from working? What relaxes you?

“Hmmm I’ve said this before but I don’t feel like I have loads of ‘free time’ cause if I don’t have uni work to do I’m out taking pictures for Instagram and filming because ause I love it, but I guess that doesn’t count as ‘free time’ anymore because I’m technically working! I love going out to eat, chilling with my housemates, shopping hah, I feel most relaxed when I’m just in my bed knowing I don’t really have anything to do haha”.

Where do you find your motivation if your lacking it one day?

“If I don’t really feel like doing something I try and let myself just relax and not do it if I can afford to do so, but if I have to, for example I have a deadline or know that I should, I think discipline takes over motivation and I just get it done because I know I have to, planning it out so I know it will only take x amount of time and I can relax after!”.

Any tips for balancing uni work/part time jobs and free time?

“PLAN PLAN PLAN, literally my only tip! know what your doing and when you can fit it all in including free time, and then obviously discipline to stick to your plan but I think it helps planning in free time because then you know if you don’t complete the rest of your plan you just won’t have free time after (if that makes sense haha). Procrastinating is just gonna eat into your chill time later”.

And lastly any plans for when uni work is submitted and summer begins?

“Well summer begins on my birthday so we’ve already got two days of bar crawls booked! I just wanna chill, have fun and hopefully go on holiday!”.

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