Mood-boost your bedroom with 4 easy colour tips

hair dye collection with bright colours

Colour psychology has gone back since ancient times, with colour therapies being used to soothe pains and eliminate suffering, however have you ever considered this to be a factor in your bedroom?

We are all spending much, MUCH more time at home now, our bedrooms transforming from not only sleep sanctuaries to becoming offices, photography studios, lecture rooms, (virtual) social spaces…so why not try to make this space as positive and uplifting as possible.

I am no stranger to colour, I find bright colours uplifting, exciting and inspiring. However, one person’s uplifting environment could be another person’s headache, so it is important to find out what colours mean to you, as every single person is unique.

My first tip for using colour in your bedroom is to find out what colours work for you. Personally, I love 70s-inspired colours, bright oranges, yellows, chocolate browns, all in inspiring patterns. This was the basis for my room, and then I worked from there. I picked this wallpaper online – and although it’s very busy, it definitely fits the aesthetic of the room I was hoping for.

Another tip is to up-cycle old furniture. Before she became pretty pink, this old filing cabinet was rusty and ready to be thrown away, however I sanded it and added a few coats of dusky pink paint. It is now a feature in my room, as well as acting as some great storage space for messy bits I don’t want to show off.

Find some exciting duvet covers! Personally, I’m a bit dog-crazy, so most of my duvet covers include some kind of dog print or pattern. Featured below is my favourite cover showing some cute dogs wearing halloween outfits! My top recommendation for duvet covers is George at Asda. Even though it sounds odd, they have an ever-changing selection of fun – and sophisticated – duvet covers at such a reasonable price. I check often and have a vast collection. Also, be sure to add some cute cushions in your accent colour to bring things together.

This particular cushion is from Monki

Finally, use shelving to display artwork – or if like me, excessive hair dye collections. Not everyone has this, so I would recommend purchasing a cool print in some of your favourite colours, framing it and resting it on a shelf to add an extra focus point in the room.

hair dye collection with bright colours
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