Must-see musicians on tour

Everyone has a list of musicians they would die to see. Some are possible some aren’t. Here’s some people who could be on your list for this year and they are providing the best experiences for you all. Don’t waste these chances.

As a disclaimer, due to recent issues with coronavirus some of these shows have been postponed. It’s unknown when they will be moved to.

The 1975

Though there is only a couple shows to perform in the UK this year, some other dates may yet to be announced. The shows they do have still have plenty of tickets left to purchase. Being much fairly affordable over all the tickets ranging in price from £50-80.

JLS – Beat again tour

A reunion most thought wouldn’t happen and it’s bringing a tour to remember their once iconic songs. The tour being a huge deal it’s set across their homeland with 41 shows. There being a force to increase from the original amount of shows due to popular demand. The tickets range from £60-170.

Lewis Capaldi

Seemingly having won everyone’s hearts with his emotional music. He’s got shows all across the year sticking primarily to the UK and festivals all based here. His performances don’t fail to impress and he is definitely worth it. His tickets range from £60-150 (mainly spending on how close to the date you book the ticket).

Post Malone – Runaway tour

Spanning from last year, this tour has already won an award for tour of the year. London and Glasgow are his two newest announcements for the shows in the tour. Clearly it’s worth the price which are from £70-270.

Harry Styles – Live on tour

Hugely popular and his new album proving to have some bangers on it. Seeing it live is something that will be well worth it. His shows are exciting, one in a lifetime and personal since he takes his time to interact with the audience while on stage. Tickets to see Harry Styles go from £70-200.

Conan Gray – Kid krow tour

Definitely aimed more towards those who are active on Tiktok but he’s got talent and if you don’t know his music check it out. Then buy a ticket to see him because his catchy music and amazing voice will definitely win you over. Playing smaller venues and being a lesser known artist, his ticket prices are completely affordable £40-60. 

Billie Eilish – Where do we go? Tour

Definitely one of the most popular musicians, you do not wanna miss her coming on tour this year.  Being only 18 and travelling the world providing music that people adore and relate to, who would not want to experience that? Across her 7 shows in the UK, her tickets are in the price range from £60-240.

By Jasmin Fee