New ideas for Lent

Before reading this just remember Lent isn’t forever. Think of it as almost like a free trail period to let you test if you can actually last a few weeks with what you’ve chosen to give up. You can always go back to the way you were if that’s how you were happier and it’s completely respectable.

1. Reduce Screen time

Probably one of the most accidental habits everyone has. It does really stops you from being aware of the life going on around you in the real world. Maybe you’ll realise you’ve been missing something that you had been ignoring and didn’t even realise.

2. Cut down on fast food

Obviously completely cutting something like this out of your life is hard a lot of people. Simply cutting it down allows you to choose times to indulge but just make it less common and you might just feel better about it.

3. Being more responsible with money

Going on a night out or for a meal is definitely not doing anyone’s wallet a favour. We just accept it happens to the best of us, maybe even a little too often than we care to admit. Maybe just plan ahead for when you’re going out and realise there’s steps that you can take that doesn’t make you dread looking at your bank balance the next day. E.g drink before you go on a night out to reduce buying drinks at the club or bar (we’ve all been a victim to overpriced drinks).

4. Create a routine and stick to it

With fast paced and busy lives, it’s often hard to even think about creating a routine. Sticking to it in the few moments that we get a break which is definitely needed when you finally find them. But creating a routine can give you a healthier lifestyle. In some cases it can actually sometimes give you more free time to relax and do as you please with that time. 

5. Visit/talk to distant family more

As we age family seems to grow apart, obviously we remain close with immediate family. But often aunts, uncles and cousins just seems to fade in smaller parts of your life. Sometimes even disappear altogether when literal distance is taken into account. Take the time to give them a call and catch up, make sure they know you still care and what to make sure they’re alright. You might just make their day if it’s been a while since you’ve spoke.

6. Take up a new hobby

Whether it be a new sport, writing or starting to grow plants in your garden. Taking up a new hobby could actually give you something to do with your time that you spent in front of a screen. You might even find that you enjoy it more than you thought you would and continue it long after lent. There might even be a talent you have that you didn’t know you had.

7. Learn something new every day

We all know the expression “you learn something new everyday”. A lot of the time it’s not very true or it’s something that you already kind of knew. Instead really make an effort to actually learn something new. Whether it be an unusual fact that you didn’t know, a recipe that you’ve always wanted to know or maybe even just learning a phase in a different language that you might be able to use one day.

By Jasmin Fee