Punch needle art – where, who and how?

India Hannah Rugs Punch Needle

I am sure most of you reading this will have seen the brightly coloured, abstract woollen rugs and artwork popping up all over Instagram – but you might not know what they are, how they are made – or mainly, how to get yourself one! In this article I am going to discuss my top picks on punch needle art, and how you can brighten up your living space.

The first punch needle account I want to shout out is @mylky.clouds.rugs on Instagram. Inspired by strawberries, little toe beans on their cat, mushrooms and kawaii styles, this account is gorgeous if you are looking for something small and sweet to bright up your living space. To purchase a punch needle rug, their depop is @mylky_clouds_rugs, where prices range from £10-£30 – they are also having a sale right now too, so be quick!

The second shop I want to shout out is perfect if you love Western-style aesthetics, tongue-in-cheek slogans and saturated colour schemes. @indiahannahpixie (Instagram) punch needles, rugs, coasters and general ‘fluffy stuff’, also offering a custom option for anythingggg your heart desires. They sell through Instagram, or Etsy if you prefer – just click here to have a browse.

My final punch needle shout out goes to @eden_clifton (Instagram) – where EVERYTHING has to have a face. They use quirky designs, cute faces and bright colours all over their art bringing a smile to your face. Their store is here if you want to have a browse, offering earrings, face masks, prints and greeting cards similar to the tufted wall hangings.

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By Tatum Farmer.