Quarantine Dates

Missing your other half? Many of us do not live with our partners, and this time apart has been hard for some. But here at Carbon HQ we have put together a set of quarantine dates for you and your other halves to take part in whilst keeping each other safe. Read on for some fun and crazy ideas!

  1. Romantic Candlelit Dinner

Prepare your meal, dim the lights, light up some of your favourite candles and gaze into each others eyes over Zoom or FaceTime. Who said romance was dead?

2. Netflix and Call

Don’t let lockdown stop you from having those cute movie nights with your other half. Grab some popcorn, wine and binge watch a show or watch a movie at the same time whilst on call.

3. Get cooking!!!!

Have a good laugh and get each other up on Zoom or FaceTime whilst trying out a new baking or cooking recipe together. Guide each other through the steps, comparing your creations throughout. A competition to see who’s the better chef or just a giggle if you’re both a disaster in the kitchen!

4. Visit each other in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has become a popular quarantine boredom buster worldwide. People all over have been visiting each others islands, some who have had birthdays during quarantine have set up their own virtual party on Animal Crossing. Our favourite report was from BBC news; a couple whose wedding got cancelled due to COVID-19 invited friends and family to watch them tie the knot on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. (Of course they still plan on their actual wedding once this is all over).

5. Fashion Show!!!

This one is for all those fun couples out there. Start by dressing up as if you’re ready for a fancy date and give each other a twirl through the screen. If you want to get really creative you can give each other themes or topics to dress up as and use your bedrooms as a catwalk.

6. Skill Share

Ever admired something your other half does and always wanted to give it a try? Set up virtual work shops for each other and teach your other half to paint, knit, garden, play an instrument, skateboard, or even a makeup tutorial.

7. Spa day/night

Get dressed down into a comfy bathrobe/pyjamas and slippers and lay back. Call each other and have a nice chat whilst applying face masks, painting nails, doing skincare, having a nice bubble bath or anything else you do when pampering.

8. Games Night

Zoom, FaceTime or chat over Discord and kick back with some board games or video games that you can both enjoy. Battleship is great when your partner can’t sneak a peak at your board when you pop to the toilet.

9. Meditate or stretch together

You can find so many different guided meditation or stretch videos online that you and your partner can try out together. They can have massive mental health benefits- particularly during such a stressful time! Experiment with different meditation apps or YouTube videos.

10. Get drinking and drawing

For all the wine loves or couples who love a drink on Saturday, get your favourite drink and loosen up for some creativity. Pick a topic or theme and paint or draw something. No judgement, just a time to be silly and mess around while trying something new. Or even get up a Bob Ross Tutorial on YouTube to copy and show each other your finished work at the end.

We hope you enjoy these weird and fun ideas! Just remember to let go, have fun and keep growing together. Share some of your own quarantine date ideas with us by tagging us in your Instagram posts! @carbononcampus

written and illustrated by Erin O’Farrell