Same sex campaigners championing anti bullying

The LGBTQ community has come so far over the years and we all need to remember that these movements take time to change and therefore we still have far to go, that saying here are some recent events that have helped push the change. 

LGBT charities and campaigners have welcomed the Church of England’s new guidance for schools urging them to refrain from making pupils conform to gender stereotypes.

The updated guidance for the church’s 4,700 schools, timed to coincide with anti-bullying week, followed advice issued three years ago that covered homophobic bullying. It has now been expanded to include transphobic and biphobia bullying. 

The guidance met with outrage in some quarters, drawing sceptical newspaper headlines and furious commentary from some conservatives. But the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the guidance was “big progress for a church that traditionally and historically has been hostile to LGBT rights”.

“The new guidance is positive,” Tatchell said. “It affirms diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, supporting pupils who are different. It acknowledges their right to explore, experiment and express without denigration.”

Other campaigns going on in the world are the new campaign in France is aiming to tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying in middle and high schools across the country.

France’s Ministry for Education and Youth launched a new campaign today called All Equal, All Allies, which will see all state schools putting up posters and providing guides about LGBT+ issues.

SOS Homophobia – a French organisation that works to combat homophobia – welcomed the campaign, saying it sent a positive message to LGBT+ youth.

The LGBTQ+ Campaign is the political campaigning arm of Oxford’s queer community.

The Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign is a group of students working to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the University of Oxford, and in the wider Oxford community. We advocate for LGBTQ+ students and staff, push for changes at a University-, faculty- and college-level, and are committed to fighting homophobia, transphobia and any other form of discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people in Oxford.

Get Involved

They have said anyone is welcome to join in, or bring new ideas and causes to the table, so get involved! For more information email us at

Hopefully these campaigners can grow and help all LGBTQ communities throughout the world.