Top skate brands to look out for this summer


This independent Swedish skate company has been a pioneer for the convergence between Skate style and retail fashion for quite some time now. Polar has successfully helped in the movement from skatewear into streetwear, mixing the two. 

Polar tend to collab frequently – with previous collaborations from the like of Converse and Carharrt. In the past Polar has brought their playful skatewear designs to these big-hitting brands, making something new and exciting. 

Polar tend to create fun and colourful graphic tees, exciting shorts, and thin lightweight jackets. Much of the creation and designs in the clothing comes from the skateboarders themselves who are in the Polar skate team, so a lot of these items have an authentic and real aesthetic to them.

Keep your eyes out for Polar this summer. 


This Streetwear staple has been killing it in recent months. Montreal’s ‘Dime’ has now become a household name in the skate/streetwear industry, a name often described alongside Supreme and Palace. This brand again shines with crossover appeal from skatewear to streetwear, and alongside Palace and Supreme, not just skaters can wear their clothing. 

Similar to the regime of Palace and Supreme, Dime is venturing further away from its skateboard roots, with celebrities like Vigil Abloh and Don Toliver wearing their pieces of clothing. The brand is ever-growing and drops new exciting items very frequently. 

Dime is known for its humorous aesthetic, with bold colours and cartoon screen print t-shirts. They are also known for oversized hoodies, baggy sweatpants and thin tracksuits. Expect clean branding, funky t-shirts, and clean, fresh tracksuits this summer. 


Now, the giant that needs no introduction. The streetwear king is on the same level as high fashion designers; it has kids queuing round the street just to get a pack of stickers. Supreme has completely annihilated the streetwear scene by using the supply and demand tactic to its finest. 

The problem is with Supreme is that it is washed out now. It has become oversaturated and people are not as fussed for it as they used to be. 

However, saying this, Supreme does still sell out on their drops every time they release new items. Supreme does know how to make nice pieces of clothing for the summer. 

From Supreme expect large branding, shirts, baseball jerseys, oversized t-shirts, crazy colours, and patterned trousers and shorts.


Supreme’s English counterpart is another legendary skate brand with the name of Palace. 

Palace is a fairly newer brand compared to Supreme but has a just as big cult following. With roots stemming from the heart of London, the skate brand mixes skate and London fashion, to generate streetwear that is immensely popular. 

With extremely good promotion and branding, Palace has become world-famous. With Travis Scott and Kanye wearing the items, and Jonah Hill advertising for them, it was a short time before it took off.

Palace is a perfect model of London’s gritty skate aesthetic. The skate team usually wears tracksuits and baggy attire, which is reflected in the clothes they sell. 

For summer expect Palace to come out with baggy shell-type- tracksuits, oversized t-shirts, 

sportswear and caps (to name a few). 

F*****g Awesome (F.A) 

F*****g awesome, or F.A for short, is a skate company run out in the USA, by ex-Supreme skate rider, Jason Dill. Jason was sick of the fashion route that Supreme was headed, so he quit and made F.A. This brand really is ‘by skaters for skaters’, and for people who enjoy the sport – not the hype beasts. 

To add to the controversy of the label, the company was shut down when it threatened to get “too popular”. Something which has only served to increase the hype. 

If you are looking for edgy, offensive designs that are gritty and raw, straight from skate culture, look no further. F.A often release’s edgier designs. This summer lookout for bright coloured t-shirts, with large graphic screenprints, and wacky, over the top patterns on shorts and jackets.