Smart Phone Wednesday: Samsung VS Huawei

smart phone Wednesday

BUYING A NEW PHONE! Why not try an andriod phone and enjoy the lastest softaware with new Samsung S20+ and Huawei P40 Lite smartphones.

When doing a poll about which phone system everyone uses? I found that more than 74% used apple phones compared to 26% of people used android base phones. this mean that I will be persuading people to buy android phones. 

On the 11th February 2020 Samsung released their new phone for their S series brand, called S20+. This latest phone has the newest android software OS 10, which makes it more powerful than the LG Win10 Alpha phone which runs android pie. On the other hand, Huawei has just announced their newest phone p40 lite will have the same android software that Samsung is running. This shows that both Huawei and Samsung are going to be better specs that then what the LG’s phone will have.

The first thing that I have noticed with Samsung and Huawei phones is that they use their own processor to run their phones. Samsung uses there Exynos 990 processor and Huawei uses there HISilicon Kirin 810 processor. This helps to make each phone unique to their brand, but that doesn’t mean Samsung and Huawei cannot run the same specs on their phones as they are running at similar capacity. 

If you looked further into the phone and the specs they run, you would realise that Samsung battery capacity, 4500mah which is stronger than the battery capacity then what the newest Huawei phone is running 4200mah. This doesn’t mean that the Huawei battery will drain quicker than a Samsung battery as it’s all depends on what your using your phone or and how long you spend on it.

There is a big difference in the camera quality. Where the Samsung phone has a front camera of 10 mega pixels and the rear camera have 68 mega pixels compared to the Huawei camera which has a 16 mega pixel front camera and a 48 mega pixel rear camera. This shows that the Samsung phone has a strong rear camera compared to the Huawei phone has a strong font camera. This mean that there’s not much difference in the camera quality in both phones so you may want to opt for the cheaper version. 

With the new Samsung phones arranging in price from £999 to £1199 you may have money to buy it out right and instead your left with a huge hefty bill at the end of the month why not opt for the different brand of phone such as Huawei. their phone arranges from £699 to £899 and if you cannot still afford the price opt for an older version with similar specs, like the p30 lite which cost £299.99 with no upfront cost. ­

Written By Atlanta Wilson