Starting uni this week? Here are 10 tips to help you settle in

1. Take any opportunity to make friends

Even if you’re attending a university with friends you already have, do not be shy about going out and making new friends. Don’t just stick to the people in your flat or on your course either. Join societies and take part in freshers events to just expand on your social group (while being COVID safe).

2. Being homesick is completely normal

Everyone gets homesick, especially if you’re someone who has moved hundreds of miles away from home. However, this is normal. Don’t worry about thinking that you’re the only one going through it because I can tell you everyone else is. It’s just a case of handling it how best suits you and not comparing how you feel to other people.

3. Make sure there’s people you trust

While at university nights out can sometimes take a turn and you need to make sure that if you’re in a situation that might be dangerous for you. In these moments you need to have people around you that you trust. If you perhaps have drank too much on a night out, then make sure the people you’re with will be there to get you home safely or call for help if need be.

4. Don’t forget priorities

Socialising and making friends it very important for you to feel settled. But don’t forget to do any work that your university professor has set you ahead of your start date that might be important.

5. Try not to say no to new opportunities

Obviously this rule doesn’t apply to everything. But if there’s something that you’ve never done before and university offers it as something. Then just take the chance to try it. Whether it be a new sport, hobbie or just a one off event they’re putting out.

6. If there’s freebies take them

Most people will obviously do this, but at freshers fairs and other events often give out free stuff and vouchers which might just save you more money than you think. One major thing that definitely saves you money is free pens. But discounted or free food doesn’t go a miss.

7. Make sure your bed is as comfy as possible

This might seem a bit odd for advice. But whether it be for crashing out from a night out, lying in bed dying from freshers flu or cuddling up because you’re homesick. Your bed will become your best friend quickly and comfort is very much key with it. Mattress topper, 10 tog mattress (minimum), a blanket or two, cushions and even your favourite cuddly toy. Make it perfect for you and make it cosy as hell to lie on. You won’t regret it.

8. Decorate your room to how you like

Whether it be something as simple as a tapestry with fairy lights or a whole wall collaged with photos. Your room is going to be where you live and for online classes where you work, make it as comfy as you can.

9. Don’t let money dictate EVERYTHING you do

Being a student, money is going to be something you’re conscious of. Usually there’s threes types of student, ones who don’t want to spend money unless it’s needed, those who will spend it but be very conscious over the fact they spent it and those who spend their student loan like it’s unlimited. I’d say while be careful you aren’t overspending too much, don’t be afraid to splurge on stuff that you want because you’re only young once and you will be able to afford to live. Trust me.

10. Enjoy yourself

At the moment there has been an especially dim outlook on life. But university could be the light at the end of the tunnel for you regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. You have a chance to start fresh with who you are and what you want to be. Not to mention this is building towards your future and that’s something definitely worth enjoying. It’s 3-5 years for most people and you have no idea how amazing those years could be so long as you enjoy every chance you have of them.