Studying online? Here’s our top tips on staying productive

Yeah, we know. The world pretty much sucks right now and on top of that we have to do online classes from now on, which is difficult and frustrating for most people. If you are one of lucky ones and you have physical lectures – congrats! However, if you study online this semester, you definitely need some tips and tricks to get you through it. Here is what you can do to still get straight-A’s and be your most productive self:

1. Get ready in the morning.

Forget about your PJs and laying in bed all day. If you don’t get ready first thing in the morning, your brain will still be in a sleeping mode. Put on some nicer clothes, brush your hair, even do your makeup and you will see what a difference that can make. Don’t use your bed as working place. Clean your desk and make it look like it’s a normal day at school.

2. Make a to-do list

Most of you may already do this, but it is honestly one of the best ways to stay productive, so we could not fail to mention it. Include even your easiest daily tasks like “make breakfast” or “do laundry”. Don’t forget to put your lectures on there and plan at least 2 hours for independent study. Put little squares next to each task, so you can tick them off, when you are ready. We guarantee, that you will feel so much more capable and motivated after doing just one of them. 

3. Take breaks

It is proven that people cannot stay focused and productive for more than two hours straight. You are spending all this time in front of the screen, which makes it even easier to get tired and distracted. If you have breaks between lectures, make sure you are not on you phone or computer. A great thing you can do is listen to some music or do some chores. As weird as this may sound, doing house work is not going to make you more tired, because you are not using your brain. It will actually keep your productive flow going. If you don’t have breaks between classes, you can do the same things, when you are done and make sure that you get enough sleep as well.

4. Decorate your desk space

No matter if you have a specific desk or you are using the dining table, it will make a huge difference in your productivity and concentration, if you decorate it however you want. Make a list with all the things that you need and will make you feel good, whether it is a new monitor, a mouse, a pencil holder or even a plant. Find the set up that works for you. Make your online classes more pleasurable.  

We wanna know what tips do you have for us. How do stay productive? What makes your online lecture easier? Tell us all on our social media accounts – @carbononcampus.

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva