Most Instagrammable Easter eggs

The top 6 Easter eggs that would look great on your Instagram feed.

1.Harvey Nichols Eggs With Legs |£55|

This egg cup and chocolate easter egg were created by ceramic designer Mary Rose, after eating the hollow Easter egg the cup can be used for breakfast every day of the year.

2. Hotel Chocolat ostrich Easter egg |£80|

This is Hotel Chocolats largest in the collection, this hollow ostrich egg is made up of half milk chocolate and cookies and half milk chocolate and feuilletine flakes. It also comes with a box of truffles, caramels, golden eggs and more.

3. Fortnum & Mason hand painted chick egg |£95|

This special egg is made with Columbian milk chocolate, each 26cm high egg takes a week to paint so only 60 of each design was made. This gorgeous painting of a fluffy chick over bright brushstrokes looks perfect in photos.

4.Spring Bloom Egg |£30|

The pearlescent pink complimented with the white gold roses and green stems create a simple egg that’s almost too beautiful to eat.

5. Extraordinary Rabbit – Pierre Marcolini |£1000|

The most expensive egg of the bunch is defiantly this rabbit in an egg, this giant 78cm creation is made from dark and white chocolate and is sure to make a statement.

6. Godiva Golden Egg |£50|

This collectable golden egg doubles up as a trinket box after its treats have been eaten, this egg is filled with the brand’s signature chocolate eggs.

By Eva McLennan