The Fool-Proof Guide to Spicing up the ‘gram

If there was ever a time to boost your online presence, the time is now! Here are 8 ways to creatively improve your Instagram feed and spark up some inspiration for future posts.

Written by Lucas Smith

Firstly, Look at your instagram page and evaluate what has become too repetitive and predictable. This may be photos taken from the same angle of yourself or maybe the colour scheme is just a little bland. Mentally take note of the areas of your page you would like to improve in order to better the style and theme in the future.

Expand your typical singular selfie into a creative compilation of images with every post. These images could relate through a colour scheme, the caption or it doesn’t have to relate at all. Sometimes creating a collection of random art is more effective than attempting to conform. There are no restrictions or limits as you’re not upsetting anyone in the process or breaking the community guidelines.

Learn one or more of the various ways to edit an image. This doesn’t just include photoshop. There are hundreds of apps to download on your phone to experiment with the many editing techniques for free.

Create a storyline every time you experience a vacation or magical moment in your life. This will add a more personal touch to your feed and allow your viewers to have a little more insight into what makes you happy.

One of our biggest recommendations would be to sit down and remember how you want to be perceived as an online persona. Would anyone want to be remembered as anything other than projecting positivity out into the world?

Updating your bio. This is your chance to briefly show your type of humour or just the few things that matter most to you, like your job or star sign.

Think a little more outside the box with captions to either interest or relate to your viewers. This can range from a witty comment to a comment radiating positivity, to boost people’s mood.

And finally, maintaining a relationship with your followers through interactive stories, like questions they might want to know about you. The more you exercise this, the more excited your followers get to see that you’ve posted a new story.

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