The Rise Of Roddy Ricch

After the success of the number 1 smash hit ‘The Box’ and the very successful album ‘please excuse me for being antisocial’ Roddy Rich has become a world-renown name in the music history.

So, let’s look back at his rise to success and highlight some of his best music that you have to listen to. 

Roddy Ricch (or real name Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr.) was born on October 24th, 1998. He was brought up in Compton, California (USA) where he experienced a lot of street/gang violence first hand. Not much is known about Roddy’s young life growing up, but he once said in an interview that his Grandma introduced him to Southern American culture. It was his Grandmother and his Mother who got him into music – taking him to the church where he first learned to sing.

Funnily enough, Roddy Ricch went to the same church as another famous rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick famously stated that he “always knew that he would blow up”. 

Growing up in Compton was tough for Roddy. In a recent interview, Roddy stated that he had involvement with the Crips (a gang based in California) with his cousins being part of the gang. At age 15 Roddy was kicked out from his mother’s house, so he had it tough from a young age. 

With Roddy having it tough from a young age, hustling in the street, living with friends ect, it made him hungry to create music and become successful. He raps about his tough young years on the track ‘Baby boy struggle’. However, he soon realised that the music industry was tough and he was seeing many people fail to make money from it so, unfortunately, he turned to illegitimate means to make money just to survive. He also traveled to Atlanta, where he eventually found inspiration for his music there, from other artists like Future and Young Thug.

Roddy continued to make tracks into his late teens, where he would upload them to SoundCloud. And in 2017, Roddy released ‘Feed Tha Streets’ – his first album. This album would then become an immensely popular piece of work – catapulting him to success. With immensely popular songs like “Fucc It Up” and “Chase the Bag”, this is a must listen to album.

But a couple weeks after he released the album, Roddy was put into jail for a couple of weeks. Inside of jail, a fellow inmate said he liked his music, and this is where his musical journey really started. He realised how popular his music had become. For Roddy, being in prison was his final realisation where he knew he had an actual talent and had to take music seriously. After this, he did just so. 

Roddy had friends and contacts that owned a studio, so after getting out of jail, Roddy went to work. Ricch then went to the studio all the time, gaining traction on new songs that he would put out into Soundcloud. Roddy was gaining a lot of popularity in the US through 2017/2018 but blew up worldwide in 2018 with his track “Die Young” (Produced by London on the Track) which completely threw his career through the roof. The song is a platinum track, with over 90M views on YouTube. 

Later on, in 2018, the singer/rapper then released ‘Feed Tha Streets 2’, his second album. This album had other tracks like “Can’t Express”, “Down Below” and “Every Season” which all helped him to gain traction and popularity in the rap game.

After this album and Die Young, his career skyrocketed, with a lot of artists getting in touch with him to create tracks together. One of his most noticeable tracks was with Nipsey Hussle in 2019 – “Racks In The Middle”. Another significant collaboration was with DJ Mustard; Ricch collaborated with him to make “Ballin’” (his second most popular song to date).

Fast forward to the next year of 2020, and Roddy Ricch has a number #1 in the charts with “The Box” and has made songs with countless artists including; A Boogie With A Hoodie, Gunna, Marshmello, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, and Post Malone. His latest album ‘please excuse me for being antisocial’ has become an instant classic, and looking at where he came from, it’s safe to say he has done alright for himself. 

Roddy refers to himself as an “Illustrator of the streets” speaking on the behalf of those who are less fortunate than others, people who went through the similar things that he went through. Ricch has a total of 40,340,804 monthly listeners on Spotify alone and is still currently #1 on the Billboard top 100. 

Here are ten Roddy Ricch songs you can’t miss out on: 

1.) Ballin’

2.) Uber 

3.) High Fashion 

4.) Die Young 

5.) Big Stepper

6.) Fucc It Upp

7.) Chase tha Bag

8.) Down Below

9.) Every Season

10.) Quality