The truth behind Love Island

What’s the real reason people enter the Love Island villa?

Once again Love Island is all over everyone’s screens and is a hot conversation topic, the aim of the show is for sexy singles to find love and leave in a couple with the £50,000 prize. Some viewers are starting to question the real reasons people enter Love Island, is it for the money? Fame? Or do they genuinely want to find love?

Each year when the show finishes many of the contestants come out and are immediately invited to night club appearances and clothing collaborations. Could this be the reason that people go in in the first place? Previous contestants have created their own clothing brand and even got a part in a musical. The standard procedure after coming out also consists of modelling jobs, TV and radio appearances and becoming social media influences or brand ambassadors.

The chances of finding true love on this show are tiny, previously most of the people who have left the show in couples have split within months. But they still have the friends they made in the villa and have gained lots of new followers as well as high paying jobs.

If you have been following the show each year you know that many of the contestants have been scouted to appear on the show and didn’t apply in the first place. The reasons behind this could be because they have a decent following on Instagram or have a celebrity connection so that their fans will tune in and watch the show. The past couple of years they have even put in a couple of millionaires, meeting these types of people could be a good enough reason for someone to go on the show in the first place.

We will never know the real reasons why people go on the show, so some contestants could be genuine. This year it is clear there are a few game players who will do anything to make it to the final, I assume for the money and not for love.

So, rather than going onto the show with a very slim chance of actually finding love, have these new islanders gone onto the show for the promised fame and money that comes after?

Written by Eva McLennan