These travel accessories will help you organise your next trip

Nowadays, travelling is very easy – leaving the quarantine out –  but at the same time, it can be tricky. Organising it all and having each and every aspect of the trip under control can be difficult. This could change if you have the best travel accessories with you.

When we start planning our trip, we have to keep in mind what things we want to take with us and how are we going to carry them. Sometimes, we wait until last minute and we see ourselves in a situation where we have to buy an essential for the trip, but it might be too late for it to arrive on time.

Organising a trip is a task that can ruin our sleep. Thinking about what to take, if everything will fit, if the suitcase will close – or if it is too heavy and we are going to have to pay more for the luggage – Many doubts that can bother our trip but at the same time, we can sort it with accessories that will make our organisation much better.

It doesn’t matter if you want to carry a lot or a few things, the most important thing is that for everything we have, there is a specific place in our bags.

To help you with all of this, here is a list of travel accessories and the link to buy them on Amazon. Remember that if you are student, you have a 6 months free Amazon Premium that you can activate here.


We start the list of travel accessories with a suitcase made of lightweight and durable and flexible material. Expandable suitcase with silent and smooth-running spinner wheels for easy mobility. It has a protective layer to prevent the case from damage caused by the items you put in the corner. The interior of the suitcase is covered with two layers of polyester fabric and foam.

Amazon Link

COOLIFE Expandable Suitcase

Wheeled Backpack

This backpack is made for people who want to carry a lot and organise those things easily, because it has a lot of pockets. It has 36L of capacity so it means it is a big backpack. The main compartment is big enough to hold travel items for an overnight trip (+ a 15.6inch laptop). Inside all the compartments there are more pockets so you can organise whatever you want. You won’t lose your earphones anymore.

Amazon Link

MATEIN Rolling Laptop Backpack

Travel Wallets

It is time to keep all the important things in the same place. Passport, credit cards, keys, cash, even your tickets can fit in there. You can combine this travel wallet with a fanny pack so you can get all the things you need easily! We recommend you two different travel wallets with different size and fabric so you can choose your favourite.

Amazon Links: WalletCampTeck

CampTeck Travel Wallet Passport Holder

Luggage Tag

Don’t you worry when you are at an airport and you see everyone with a similar – or the same – suitcase and you thing you are going to take someone’s luggage or lose yours? There are some different situations where you can struggle with luggage, for example in the luggage control or when you have to pick your bags after your flight. Now, you can have a tag with your name and your address so you can avoid that someone picks up your luggage and to help you find it easily.

Amazon Link

Flintronic Travel Luggage Tags

Luggage Weight

One of the worst things that could happen with your luggage in an airport is that it exceeds the weight limit. If that happens, you will have to pay more for that because you will have to check in your luggage, probably twice, because you will have to come back from your trip. With this accessory, you can check the weight of your luggage and see if you can carry more or less.

Amazon Link

FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Luggage Belt

Many of us live with the fear that our suitcase opens when we are carrying it spreading all of our clothes and the rest of our things all over the floor, without a chance for us to fix it. When we pack the luggage, most of the people tend to sit on top of it to close it correctly thinking this would be enough. However, if you are insecure with your suitcase, you can get a strap or a belt for it. Whether you want to secure your luggage or not, it is another way to decorate your luggage and differentiate it from the rest.

Amazon Link

BlueCosto Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt

Minimalist Wallet

If you are not a big fan of big wallets this one could be perfect for you. This wallet is made with quality materials and includes dual-layer RFID blocking technology, quick access to ID and 7 card holders. It also has a pocket to keep notes or cash. It is a very good option if you don’t like to have many things in your wallet.

Amazon Link

POWR Wallet, Slim RFID Blocking Minimalist Credit

Fanny Packs

A fanny pack is an accessory that gives you extra space to put your things instead of using your trousers pockets. There are a lot of options to choose when we talk about fanny packs. There are a lot of different colours, sizes, materials, and styles you can choose from.

Amazon Links: VbigerEastpak

Vbiger & Eastpak Waist Bag

Storage Bags Clothes

Organising your suitcase with storage bags clothes is another way to have your clothes separated by kind or just to tell them apart. This 7-pack includes 3 packing  cubes, 3 packing bags and a shoes bag. They have smooth and durable zippers and they are light weight, washable and have smell reduction. Ideal to save space in your bags.

Amazon Link

Travel Storage Bags

The Ultimate Toiletry Bag

This bag has a large capacity with compact design. It is the ideal organiser for your travel in terms of toilet/cosmetic things. The toilet bag works as a make-up organiser, because you can hang it using the hooks. It is made with waterproof material and it is very easy to maintain and clean. The ultimate toiletry bag could be one of your best travel accessories to help you look good wherever you go.

Amazon Link

Large Toiletry Bag


One of the requirements of most of the flight companies relates to the way we carry our liquids, as they have to be in your hand bag ready for the security control. In this case, this accessory can help you organize your liquids and have them secured. These ones are TSA approved so they are officially allowed to go with you. Therefore, these plastic bags are water resistant so they will protect your luggage in case the liquids spill.

Amazon links: Plastic BagsBottles

Travel Toiletry Bag

We hope we helped you with all of these travel accessories. Now is time to start organising your next trip!

Do you know where are you going to travel when this is all over? If you haven’t decided yet, here is a list to inspire you.

By Jose Jurado