Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that don’t cost a penny

Plus 4 ways to show your mum you love her everyday

Mother’s Day is approaching and what better time to spoil her! With that said, it can get pretty pricey buying physical presents. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of gifts that won’t cost you a penny.

Gifts for this Mother’s Day

Make a Playlist

If you know your Mum isn’t the best with technology, or just tends not to branch out with her music, you could create a playlist full of songs she loves already, new songs by artists she knows and entirely new music you think she’ll love. Create the playlist on a joint Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music account and make it really personal with a playlist name that shows your love!

Arrange something for her

Arrange a night out/meal/trip to the theatre with her close friends in secret and surprise her with the plans the day before. You can arrange for her friends to pay for her ticket and transport jointly between them. Make sure to tell her to keep the day free and check she isn’t making her own plans.

Get in touch with someone special

Does your mum have a friend that she isn’t able to see as often as she’d like? Maybe they moved away and with the stress of everyday life haven’t been able to visit for a long while? You could get in touch privately and arrange with them to come and visit as a surprise for an overdue reunion. Arrange it for sometime around Mother’s Day and tell your mum you’ve got a lovely surprise for her.

Deep clean the house

Is your house your mum’s pride and joy? For this Mother’s Day, you could deep clean the house, making it clean, sparkly and smelling great. Choose a day when your mum’s at work or out with mates and get cleaning! We mean cleaning the mould from around the windows, polishing the skirting boards, shining the ornaments, plus all the regular cleaning things like hoovering and dusting. The surprise of coming home to a beautifully clean house will be a lovely gift.

Paint her something

Are you artistic? This Mother’s Day you could put your tools to use and paint/draw your mum a beautiful, frame-worthy picture of something special. It could be her favourite celebrity, one of your pets, a picture of you and her together or her favourite holiday photo.

4 ways to show your love everyday

All sorted for Mother’s Day? Here’s 4 ways you can show your Mum love all the time.

Communicate and express

Communicate your love to your mum on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be telling her you love her everyday but more simply thanking her for what she’s done, complimenting her and supporting her in what she does and what she dreams of doing. Not to mention checking up on her regularly. Mums often take on the role of looking after everyone else so be sure to check that she’s ok herself.

Make real plans with her

Often we get used to our parents being something we just come home to at the end of the day. The place we go to after we’ve been out, the people we speak to after spending the day socialising with friends. Don’t forget to make actual plans with your mum- invite her to go to the cinema, out for a meal or even to come with you to the gym one day.

Take on some of the chores

If you get home from work/uni/college before her or are at home whilst she’s out you can take on one of the chores she would normally do. For example, you could make the dinner ready for when she gets home or do the washing up so she doesn’t have to.

Surprise her at random times

This can be little things like a bar of chocolate. Maybe when you’re at the shops getting yourself something, you could grab a bar of chocolate you know your mum loves. Equally, if you’re getting something for the two of you to share you can pick your mum’s favourite even if it isn’t yours.

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Written by Sophie Corderoy